Best lower end cables for B&W speakers...?

Hello Everyone,
I’m relatively new to mid grade audio equipment and recently purchased a pair of B&W 702 S2’s and a HTM71 S2 center channel. To me, they are very clear and unforgiving speakers. I also use a Velodyne sub, but not all the time. So far I’ve been in love with them but am using borrowed speaker cable, straight 12 guage, to just try.

The Blue Jeans certainly seem reasonable enough, but in my head cables may be more speaker specific than a lot of other applications so I wanted to see if folks had used Canare 4s11 or some other cable that would be 500 and under per pair with their B&W’s. I can get these for 150 and certainly seem reasonable.
At 150, if they don’t work it won’t be the end of the world but figured I’d try here to see what people thought who had B&W’s
Canare 4S11 is a standard. WHY? So the sound ISN'T changed by CABLE differences.. A wire is a single conductor.. Studio is about being "THE SAME" not different.. NY to CA

The 12 gauge CABLE is perfect.. Heavy copper with a good insulator/dielectric (no shielding other than the weave). That will give you the best BASS.  I like OCC with teflon. LOL Not smaller for bass BIGGER. Add armor and tune the sound with terminal ends.. I like copper.. RED COPPER..

The cable is from China. I paid 108.00. You won't get this kind of performance, without spending a LOT of money.. I added red copper spades for 29.00 additional cost..

I also double the run with a silver clad OCC teflon RIBBON, for a whopping 68.00 dollar and I change the ends to silver over red copper  and a saw spring tube banana.

Under 300.00 + Tungsten add 45.00.

The copper cable is fork spade (both ends), The ribbon is spring/banana (both ends).  Left and right side gets BOTH cables attached to the same terminals. They are NOT bi wired, just a double or triple of different wire types.  You can move the copper to the bass post in a dual terminal setup.. I use that construct for silky smooth mids BUT a TON of detail is added because of the ribbon cable, Planars and Ribbons..

I add a 99.99% .014 tungsten stinger in an oversized silicone tube (+ side only). It depends on the drivers I use.

Monsoon planars I don't need tungsten, GR, and BGs do.. Most standard round drivers and domes like it too.. For 45.00 usd the tube and WIRE (single construct) can be added to the CABLE run..

LOL TRY to beat that combination, of dollars spent and performance gained.. ..10 day of cable conditioning on a Cable Cooker 2.5.
2-400 hours of BREAK IN, NOT BURN IN...on the silver/clad at LEAST.
The OCC copper weave, the first 2 hours will be the biggest change.. 24 hours of settling, that's After I cooked the heck out of them for 10 full days..

The WireWorld Eclipse series are excellent for-the $$.
I compared Monolith by Monoprice 14AWG Oxygen Free Copper Multi-Strand Conductors PE Insulated Speaker Wire with Gold Plated Spade Connectors, 6ft - Pair $50  to Audioquest Rocket 88 $500. 
 Parasound Hint Original with Forte 3's. Music source Bluesound Vault 2i. Audioquest Niagra 1200. Pangea Cardas power cords.
Maybe there was a slight difference in bass extension in favour of the Audioquest. Definitely not a $450 difference.
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"I brought home a pair of B&W pedestal-mounted small speakers (forgot which model maybe 607?) and hated them. They sounded loud, bright, harsh, with an unlistenable upper-midrange spike in the frequency response."

Hombre... Sounds like you were using zip cord with that?

All the best
‘Best’ is subjective. I have used the Blue Jean Cables and have been pleased. 

I am auditioning other speaker cables and to me I believe the Kimber Kable’s Bifocal XL are wonderful BUT not cheap and the 12TC didn’t sound better than the Canare 4S11’s I got from Blue Jean Cables. 
Enjoy the music and the process.