best low cost CD player w/remote volume control?

Please give me some recommendations on what you feel is the best low cost (=/<$300-used) CD player (it can be a DVD player too) single or changer, with a remote volume control?
I'm aware of the Marantz 67se and a couple of Denon units, but is there anything that I might be overlooking?
Your comments are appreciated.
naim cd3 or 3.5 can sometimes be found for $400 huge upgrade
over denon,marantz,rotel, creek
I have a pretty cheap old Sony 5 disk player, model CDP CE505. It allows you to cut the volume by 20db from the remote. My guess is that you can find one of these for $100+/- on eBay. I believe this feature was pretty common on the older Sony CD players.
i have been using a yamaha cdc-685 5 disc carousel for the last 4 years without a problem. i am always using the remote volume control and it works fine. i believe it works in a 20 db range like the sony mentioned above. it's lowest setting will mute the volume entirely for you. the unit's display has a 5 bar read-out to show you the volume output. i can barely make it out from my sitting position 10 feet away. you can still by this unit new for about $220 at tweeter or online for less. build quality is better than the sony carousel although it does cost more. i feel it offers excellent sound for the price. check it out!