Best low budget speaker cable? HELP

My aunt just bought an inexpensive but fair sounding Onkyo TX-8211 reciever which is driving a pair of Boston Acoustic speakers. She needs to buy some speaker cable to replace the 22 guage wire that she has now. Her main stores in the area for inexpensive wire are Radio Shack, Good Guys, Circuit City, Etc.. but she is willing to order on line.

She would like to keep the cost under $50.00 and needs about 40 feet of wire total.

Thanks for any input on this low fi question :)

Montana Rane
You could just go to Lowes or Home Depot and get 40 feet of Accoustic Research 12 AWG guage; probably about $1 a foot. Similar Monster cable at Radio Shack.

The closest thing for quality pre-terminated cables is at ---- Either Wireworld Luna III; $80 for a 20 foot pair with spades; or MIT Terminator 5 which is $65 for a 20 foot pair with gold pins. If the terminals are the Onkyo make it hard to use the spades, just cut off one side and it will be like pins. The MIT pins should work fine. If you go quickly to the AudioAdvisor clearance page you could get a 20 foot pair of MIT Terminator 4 for $87.50

tell her to go to home depot and do not but the monster. buy the 12 guage wire on the roll. i use it in my home theater. it cost i think 50 bucks for 250 feet.
Try Tara Labs Klara, a stranded copper wire at $.79 ft, or the solid core Omni wire at $1 ft. They are great budget cables.
Audioquest GLC ( biwire )or G2 ( regular ) i think it is. LGC copper cables the GLC is a biwire cable and Audioadvisor has some for 30 bucks a 20' roll.
Check out out They sometimes have great clearences on cables with a no questions asked 30 day money back garentee.