Best Loudspeaker under $5k - MYTHOS -ST

I have owned many Loudspeakers from Maggis, Martin Logan
Thiel , Aerial , Acoustic Zen Adagio.The Definitive Technologies Mythos-St has the best balance top to bottom out of all of them and I had at least 3 freinds go with me for auditions
and in my home.These loudspeakers are very fast and almost electrostatic in their sheer openness,the instrumnts are very resolved and has excellent inner detail the 300wpc powerered sub & Carbon Fiber Bass driver and radiators does a outstanding job into the upper 20-HZ region and the cabinet is solid Aluminum construction nothing in the $ 5k range can do so many things so well. I have been an Audiophile for well over 30 years and know a bargain when I hear it.
I did find one thing to make them even better though I found a crossover Mod for these that I just remove the board 6 screws and sent the Xover board to be reworked
the Parts quality is far better and the speaker now can hang with any speaker at least in the $5-7k range now I now know why they have a 2 page ad at the front of the magazines the many reviews were true I just would allways bypass the ad check em out !

I own the Mythos ST and enjoy mine but Definitive gets no love in these forums. I haven't heard enough speakers in the under $5k category to comment.
I went to audiotion these one day, but just like you'd expect going into a mainstream store, they had it hooked up to a dvd-player and a run of the mill receiver...probably that's why I wasn't impressed enough to make the purchase and decided to go a different way.
I find this interesting to hear (here). Have you compared them to the STS's ? I've been interested in them for a second system (HT) replacing a pair of Tyler Linbrook Signatures. Although this is not my best system, it is the one I am primarily using at the moment due to logistic issues and 2 channel is my main interest. What was the mod and where did it come from (if it is not just upgraded parts). What parts did you use?