Best loudspeaker on the 3k range???

Which is the best speaker for the 3k range? An used Merlin VSM with BAM? or a B&W Nautilus 804? or the NOVA Bravo?
The Wilson Audio Watt 3 (used) would blow your brain off.
If you have a little more money to spend I would seriously look fore second hand pair of gallo solos or references, if not check out PSB stratus gold and try them out with Bryston amps; PBS voices there speakers with them.
try the maggie 3.6 or the new revel performa
You should listen to the Hales Revelation 3's; they retail for $2195 and sound much better than the 804's. They will surprise you in terms of sonic quality for the price, and likley are better than most speakers up to $5,000/pr. Good luck. bobm
My Paragon Acoustics Radiants list for $2900, I'd sell them to you for $1650. I could e-mail you photos.