Best looking reel to reel

I’m looking for a really cool looking reel to reel. Something super gnarly, like the TEAC from Pulp Fiction. What are your favorite choices?
With the Tandberg you could get different hardwood side panels (I think).

Appearance? Tandberg 9000 series or Revox A700. Or really ugly (to me) Technics US series, like 1500US. With aftermarket electronics the Revox was special.
For 'studied cool', the Revox A77...sleek. simple.....

For 'heartbeat serious', the Crown decks of the same era.

If 'cost? What's that?', multi-track studio decks...pick one....

....and who are you trying to impress, anyway? *L*
OMG, those United reels are so ghetto! Too much bling for this white boy.