Best looking Amp/Preamp/Integrated?

Forget what the equipment sounds like - what is the best looking amp, preamp, or integrated piece of equipment?

One of my current favorites is the Opera-Consonance Forbidden City-Calaf Power amplifier
Most of the Art audio amp and preamps are good looking.
And they also very very musical.
IMO, I think the Jeff Rowland integrated amp is gorgeous, probably the most so for this category.
anything by Pathos Acoustics but if you like the Calaf, the Logos would probably be your fav
Dated or not, I love the McIntosh look.
The Marantz Reference Series components are classically handsome, IMHO.
I really love the look of Hovland gear, especially the first preamp, HP-100 I think.
Mcintosh - obviously
I'll take the older VAC Ren. Sig. (Granite Faces with Gold Specks & Gold Knobs) any day.
The sound is out of this world which make this combination very hard if not impossible to beat.
I really like my Audio Space ref. 1 integrated. Georgous metalwork. Massive transformers and power supply and the sublime glow of tubes!
The Cary 120s and SLP05 combo is a hit with me.
As more of a traditionalist, Audio Research (I feel) has done the best job of keeping the design(s) understated and beautiful. Kind of like a Mercedes or a Jaguar, it really doesn't matter the age,it will always remain a classic.
One of my favorites, though highly controversial, was the Aleph design by Nelson Pass. Large cube surrounded by black heat sinks. "Form follows function" to an extreme. One either loved them or hated them, but they were instantly recognizable as Pass amps.

They were replaced with the current thick silver faceplate with a large blue meter in the center. Again, instantly recognizable as a Pass design, but now instead of "form follows function", it seems to be more about design/asthetics and making a beautiful statement.
Peterayer; Indeed, one of my favorites as well. With a love for stainless steel and anodized aluminum billet products, and being a machinist, I have a weakness for modern/hi-tech/industrial-looking products in general, nevermind audio equipment. Below is a small compilation of manufacturers I admire, though I do understand the Mcintosh appreciation.

Please excuse my computer ignorance (active links).!) (early ‘Aleph’ amps, ‘X’/‘XA’ series amps/preamps) (‘ZZ One, Wazzo, Warlock (current ‘Evolution” series) (current products, ie; I30 Integ.) (almost all) (‘Ref.’ &’ NL’ series) (current products) (almost all, but prefer CA-xx1 series to current) (‘DM’ series) (‘MX-R’ mono amp)
No contest: Electronluv - nothing comes remotely close. It's a look that can easily polarize the beholder (you either love it or hate it). To my eyes it is industrial art - nothing mentioned here is even in the same category as far as this is concerned. Josh Stippich is a brilliant artist! I guess he had a hand in the design of the more mass-produced line of speakers called Studio Electric (which I've heard at RMAF and are outstanding - they are there again this year). Not nearly as wildly creative as Stippich's own designs, and clearly compromised for a mass-market pricepoint, but a unique design nonetheless.
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Jax2; His amps would be right at home in "Flash Gordon".
Nice stuff, but remains a 'contest' contender.

Eric; If the O.P. would've added other catagories, Oracle's transports would be one of my dream machines, along with Chord's stackup.

Now, if "turntables" were an another catagory...
Talking about chunks of machined billet!

Here's some tube equipment that I think looks great:
(all tube amps, but mainly ‘SH-833’ and ‘HE-833’) (Magma LE tube amp) (all ‘Hi-end’ series) (Cyber 800 tube amp) (Zeus tube amp)
Jax2; His amps would be right at home in "Flash Gordon".
Nice stuff, but remains a 'contest' contender.

I beg to differ. The entire list you referenced as links is nothing more or less than glorified boxes. I've seen it all before and it's boring. Stippich creates stuff entirely out of the box and stretches the boundaries and limits of ones imagination of what this stuff could look like. Granted it is bent towards his own imagination and if you don't like that you'll have to go back to your boxes or something else. There is absolutely nothing else like it - it is entirely unique. A Nagra or a Wavac follows basic conventions for component designs and just sprinkles fairy dust on them to add the bling factor. But they all still fit neatly into the shape of a box. Ain't nothing unique or innovative in that...IMHO, of course ;-) Electronluv is virtually the only components I'd consider having out on display as worthy of casting one's eyes upon. All the rest can be hidden behind cabinet doors to allow me to enjoy the music in peace and wihout the distraction of something that is basically ugly. It's like looking at a TV set...why would anyone really want to stare at a electronic box, aside from the content it's presenting (and even then TV programming is worthless for the most part - haven't had TV reception for 10 years now). I like watching movies so I can relate to it on that level. Unless there's something truly unique and expressive about the box, why would I want to give it my consideration. The only one on your list that I think I'd have a bit of agreement on is Rogue in that wasn't it them who build the components in the shape of a doughnut? Or perhaps that's someone else. I didn't see it on their site. At least that's a step in the right direction. I guess I have some appreciation that at least an effort is being made to make the boxes prettier. But if you want to talk about creativity and visual seduction... something I'd want to look at for more than a few seconds, you'd have to do a whole lot better. I may be in a small group in this respect, but that's how I see it. Needless to say, my modest system is behind closed doors.
The Supratek stuff is pretty!

The Chenin is the centerpiece of my system.
Pathos gear in general, TT or Logos specifically
Manley Stingray.
"I beg to differ"

Okay, beg away, but it's still just your opinion, of which you seem to feel quite passionate about defending. Just because you fancy his stuff, doesn't default "Electronluv" as the "no contest" winner. Pretty presumptuous, wouldn't you say?

Just like the other nominees, mine were merely submissions for what I feel have attractive aesthetics or features. Some pseudo-conventional, some not. Doesn't matter, it's not a debate.
Pop over to to see a list of the most beautiful and best aesthetic designs in amps, integrateds and speakers ... its a fun trip and no commercial promotion for any specific product.

Chris Moon

Lunac; Thanks, that WAS enjoyable! I'd hate to have to choose a favorite. Having eclectic taste like many, and even appreciating Jax2's nomination for "Electronluv", also making the AHOF list, but amongst worthy competition IMHO.

Any of your personal gear make the list?

Metro 04 - You sussed me out! I'm definitely passionate about my opinions. If I didn't have a passionate opinion I would likely have not posted at all - that's just me. I'm also a very visual person so that compounded my fervor. I thought my reasons were worth an explanation, but I guess I just like to hear myself write. Make no mistake about it though; my shit stinks just like the next guys - you can just take my word for that. It's only an opinion - you are dead right. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Keep your eyes on the funny sock monkey. Just an opinion folks, you can all go home and stop milling about...there's nothing to see here, move along now. Get the facts elsewhere...there are only opinions out here. You folks get'on home to your families, there's no debate here. Check the tele on Wednesday evening if you want debates. We just got a bunch of tired old opinions here so you can quit your gawkin'. You there - sir, you need to get on the other side of the yellow tape!

Thanks for setting me straight on that. I was thinking everything on these forums were based solely on factual information that I could take to the bank and cash in for some Krugerrands or Pandas, but instead your telling me these words are just like some fiat currency only worthy of some of that cabbage paper they're printing up for us with only faith and a prayer to back it. My world is shattered. I hope you're happy.

Ars Sonum integrated with gold faceplate. The Art Audio stuff is beautiful, and last but not least, the Dodd Audio Battery preamp with wood panels and mirrored steel top plate. Oh, yeah Accustic Arts gear.
IMHO, Jeff Rowland products are nice eye-candy. However, right now I'm partial to Ayre products - I own the MX-R monoblocks and just got the KX-R preamp. Not too hard to look at.
Ice Block amps by Seymour AV.