Best long low noise RCA cables

I have a 20 foot run between my preamp and 300b push pull amps. Using Blue Jean cables. If I simply lift them, or move them in the air, noise goes up or goes down etc.

Without spending ridiculous amounts of cash, I am looking for less noisy cables. Thank you for ideas.
Sounds like you have found the culprit of you hum issue :-) , have you tried the Canare wire from Blue Jeans Cable, I have had pretty good luck with it.

Good Listening

Long runs of unbalanced signal cable is not a good idea. Ask any guitar player...I actually use a signal booster in my guitar rig for that reason. It's always better to use short (if single ended) signal and longer speaker wires.
Hi, I would give Taralabs a try,all there cables sound good,when you move up the cable food chain with tara the better the sound,and none of there cables do what you described in your original post!
Hi,This forum is called,best long low noise rca cables,I have the Taralabs zero gold 1-meter,for long runs,the best Rca low noise cable available in my opinon is the Taralabs Oynx cable balanced and shielded!
Sort of like "best summer tire to use in snow."
@ wolf _garcia,For long runs The nordost odin is out of Gas!,so smartass ,What did you mean by best summer tire in the snow,If you think you can come up with something better and can prove it by all means do so!
@ wolf_garcia,How do I know,I own them!
@ wolf_garcia,How do I know,I own them!
I use 5 meters of Purist Audio venustas, works as good as a 1 meter in my rig...your preamp gas more to do with long runs than cables IMHO
What I mean should be obvious as I stated earlier that NO unbalanced single ended cable should be used for long signal's wrong, noisy, tawdry, and untoward, and I shall not support this sort of misbehavior. I insist that all cease this cable misuse immediately! It gripes my bottom, and my analogy regarding "summer tires in the snow" was precisely appropriate. Harumph! Beyond that, I don't really care.
@ wolf_garcia,Hey dude I am sorry,My Bad!,I thought you were downing the best cables in the world!I agree with you on cables need to be balanced for long runs,I misunderstood you,forgive me please! shall remain unforgiven for eternity, and sentenced to 4 years in punctuation school.
@ wolf_garcia,I am glad you have a cool since of humor!,thats funny!I like that!
There's nothing funny about bad punctuation.