Best Log in name??

We've seen many and have come to know many on a regular basis. Which sign on name do you like the best out of all of the ones you've seen on this site?
Onhwy61. No doubt-- hey, I'm a bluesman. Cheers. Craig
mine. LEV335
I don't know I kind of like one of our all time favorite posters...Oh Kublah himself. Who would of thought to use that name? I think he got it from Gilligan's Island. The music that went with the headhunters on that show used to keep me up as a kid.
a stroke of brilliance!
Garfish, I think Onhwy61 actually lives on highway 61 and Lev335 just stole my licence plate number for his handle. Jadem6, thanks for starting the levity.
Some of my favorites are Eldragon, Garfish, Megasam, Onhwy61, Rockvirgo, Sluggo, Tubegroover, and Whatjd. Always get a lift just by seeing their names. A very memorable post was when someone asked Garfish about his name, and if it was related to a very noble species. A favorite of mine. Apologies to those with interesting names that I forgot.
lev335 is from my levinson 335. not your licsense plate
I'm kinda partial to the catchy,memorable and highly individualistic "Albertporter".
'Seems to say it all.
Yeah, I like "Albertporter" too. I'd have done the same thing except it would invite tiring questions about my unpronouncable and inexplicable surname. But, in the final analysis, I vote with Jadem6 for 70242etc.
Would you believe, mine?
I think I'd have to say Cornfedboy- A fellow Coloradan if I am not mistaken (though from Iowa originaly? Of course, I
live in Massachusetts now... :). Garfish and Tubegroover are also quite creative.
Tubegroover makes me smile every time I read it.
I've got to agree with Lev335, just for his or her sheer modesty! P.S. I guess you could deduce that my amp is not solid scrape, errr... state.
Mine of course ! Bigpoppakrell
Oh, made a big mistake. How could I forget Swamplwalker?
My favorites: Garfish (what does this mean? I wasn't around for the posting explaining it), tubegroover (and I'm a SS man myself, but it always makes me smile), Cornfedboy (paints a picture, though not necessarily pretty) and wirehead!

By the way, I'm not a denist!
Dds_hifi; Thanks to you, Trelja, and others for the compliment(s) re my user name. My last name is Garland and in my younger days, ie HS and college, I was sometimes called Gar or Garfish as a nickname.

In an earlier thread on user names I posted that a Gar or Garfish is a fish indigenous to s. central U.S. and is a fast and fierce predator, and also a noble and honorable fish, IMHO. I also agree with Trelja on the name "Swampwalker"-- a fellow Soil Scientist. Cheers. Craig.
My vote goes to Thrillhammer...cracks me up.