Best Live Recordings:Performance and recording

I tend to like "live" recordings if done right...but these are often hit and miss...any suggestions? to all genres...for those fans of in NYC is a great show and an excellent recording to boot...also...Live at Leeds is considered by many to be the ultimate live rock recording...however...I was not that impressed with the latest remaster...somebody mentioned BB king live at the Regal on another this really that good?
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The Allman Brothers "Live at the Filmore East" MFSL Gold Disc
Eva Cassidy "Live at Blues Alley" is a good recording, and Cowboy Junkies "Waltz Across America" is also good-- it's a compilation of live recordings on their last tour across the U.S. Both are favorites of mine. Cheers. Craig

John Coltrane - 'Live at the Village Vanguard'
Nirvana - 'Unplugged in New York'

Here's two:

Jerry Jeff Walker - "Live at Gruene Hall" (if you can find it)
Nancy Griffith - "Winter Marquee"

Regards, Rich
"Live at the Regal" is very good but BB King's "Blues is King" recorded live in Chicago 2 years prior is a far better performance.
Rickie Lee Jones: "Naked Songs"
I agree with Rar1 about Nancy Griffith.
It might be a nostalgia thing, but I really like the latest release of the Bob Dylan bootleg series from the Rolling Thunder Review. I had the bootleg LP but it was stolen from me. This new set sounds much better than I remember the LPs sounding.
Little Feet- "Waiting for Columbus", Allman Bros- "Live at the Filmore East", Johnny Winter And-"Live", Frank Zappa- "Live at the Filmore", "Just Another Band From L.A."
Another vote for Waiting for Columbus
Grateful Dead-One from the Vault
Neville Brothers- Live from Planet Earth
Grateful Dead - Dozin' At The Knick
Grateful Dead - Nightfall of Diamonds
Dave Matthews Band - Live At Red Rocks
Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds - Live At Luther College
Allison Krauss + Union Station - Live
Allman Brothers Band - Fillmore recordings

good call on One From The Vault. Best of the 3 Vault releases so far, both in sonics and visuals. IMHO
I love good live performances. Here are some of my favorites:

Patricia Barber-Companion
I have not liked any other PB records that I've heard, but Companion is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite records. This is an inspired performance and a very good recording.

Eva Cassidy-Live at Blues Alley
Already mentioned above

BoDeans-Joe Dirt Car
A very good live rock show by a hard working touring band

Indigo Girls-1200 Curfews
Nice Doulbe Album. A compilation from many different live sources. Most of it is well recorded and Amy and Emily are really great performers. This was recorded several years ago before "the Girls" became political. I haven't heard a good Indigo Girls record since 1200 Curfews.

Little Feat-Waiting for Columbus
Mentioned above


Dire Straits "on the night" and Sarah McLachlan "mirrorball" are both performed and recorded very well and will satisfy.
Grand Funk Railroad - Bosnia. The sound is great on this CD. Also, you can tell the musicianship of the players has matured over the past 30 years. Compare it to the Live album released in 71 and you can see a day and night difference.
Hot Tuna - "And Furthurmore"
The Other Ones - "Only the Strange Remain"

These are both done in HDCD and sound incredible - staging, bass extension, vocal clarity are all *excellent*. As a bonus, you can find them pretty cheap (< $10) on the internet if you don't mind used media. If you haven't heard an HDCD-encoded disk, you oughta...
Jazz at the Pawnshop.
Brand X "Livestock". Totally awesome performance and recording. It's almost impossible to believe that these guys are pulling off a performance like this live on stage. It is so quiet in the audience, that you don't even realize it's live, until after the song the audience goes crazy.
Astor Piazzolla: The Lausannne Concert. A beautiful, passionate performace recorded with with an ear for artistry and not a test record.
In the good old days an artist's live recordings almost never sounded as good as his or her studio records. Brand X Livestock was a big exception. Some live instrumental rock recordings have succeeded in ratcheting up the ante a few notches. Massacre/Meltdown, Jonas Hellborg/Personae, Zony Mash/Live in Seattle and Harriet Tubman/Prototype come to mind.
In recent years, there's been an explosion of stunningly realistic live jazz recordings in the racks... a few highly deluxe examples:
Bluiett Baritone Nation/Libation...
Yannick Rieu/Sweet Geom
Lounge Lizards/Live in Berlin (Vol.1&2)
Charlie Haden/Montreal Tapes (all are excellent)
Mark Helias/Fictionary
Tony Oxley/Floating Phantoms
Rich Halley/Live at Beanbenders
Ellery Eskelin/One Great Day
Archie Shepp-Roswell Rudd/Live at the Village Vanguard
Gil Evans & the Monday Night Orchestra Live at Sweet Basil

Koko Taylor and her Blues Machine Live from Chicago- An Audience with The Queen
I had the chance to listen and compare carefully the 1977 and the 1997 LP's versions of Jazz at the Pawnshop.
There are significant differencies between them. I think I prefer the original Swedish pressing than the 1997 german one. I would like to have other advises about it. I also try to find more informations about what did exactly the sound engineer Wilfried Zahn when remastering this new issue.
Oh, there have been some truly great ones mentioned. Just a few more:
Commander Cody - "Live from Armadillo Headquarters"
J. Giels Band - "Live - Full House"
Neil Diamond - "Hot August Night" (only ND worth owning)
Marlena Shaw - "Tokyo Live"
Stan Getz - "Gold"
Art Pepper - anything live is dynamite
Bob Seeger - "Live Bullet"
Weather Report - "8:30"
Yes - Yessongs
Guess Who - "Live at the Paramount" (A must for GW lovers - the CD version has bonus tracks but the LP sounds better, though rare)
Twl, what year is the "Livestock" recording. I haven't listened to Brand X in twenty years, but loved the stuff when Phil Collins was drumming. As far as live recordings go, I have a couple newer DVD concerts that are excellent: Bonnie Raitt's "Road Tested" and Peter Gabriel's "Secret World Live" (which features incredible singing from Paula Cole). Oh, and also Neil Young's "Silver and Gold".
Tvad, I'd am fairly certain that the Livestock LP is circa 1977.
Those that come to mind are: James Taylor,Peter Frampton,Gypsy Kings,Blues Doctor.
4yanx is correct- Brand X's Livestock LP was recorded in two parts- London 8/76 at Ronnie Scotts and 8/77 at the Hammersmith Oden and the Marguee Club. Phil Collins plays drums on three of the five tracks.

Twl is correct about the awesome part.

Mahalo for reminding me to dust it off and give it a spin.
Live at Leeds is a great performance, but I don't think it was ever a great recording.

I have the MFSL CD of Live at the Regal and it sounds pretty good, especially for the time (1964?)

Check out Van Morrison "It's Too Late to Stop Now" - great performance and it sounds fantastic, much better than a recording of the time has a right to (1973 I think).

Other favorite live albums of mine (if you're into rock), though these are not necessarily the best sounding:
Deep Purple - Made in Japan
Jethro Tull - Bursting Out
Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous
Steve Hillage - Live Herald
UFO - Strangers in the Night
Some oldies but goodies:
James gang -live in concert
Edgar Winter's White Trash- Roadwork
Santana- Soul sacrifice &
Ten Years After- I'm goin' home (both on the Woodstock album and DVD
Eva Cassidy Live at Blues Alley is just great. I get that sense of being in the club. Dynamic recording heavy on bass, the room just throbs.
For Ten Years After, check out Undead. Maybe only half of it is live, but man, could they play.

The Hugh Masekela album"Hope" is live. Not much of a live feel, but great sonics and pretty good music.

dan hicks and the acoustic warriors-shootin straight
dire straits-on the night
cowboy junkies-200 more miles
Bill Evans: Sunday at the Village Vangard. Yes, I know that this is probably a cliche, but, to me, this is a benchmark for excellence in performance. The reocrding ain't bad either. I just can't get over the fact that Scott LaFaro would be dead two weeks after this gig! Sad.