Best Live Recording on LP

Someone started an interesting thread about generating a list of great live recordings on CD. However, that is the wrong type of media for my system. (My turntable sounds much better than my CD player).

Therefore, please suggest some really great live recordings on LP. (I listen to Rock mostly and some Jazz.)

Here are a couple of recordings (on LP) that did not appear on that list in the above mentioned thread, that I think have merit.

"Jazz at the Pawnshop" on the Propious (sic) label.

Louis Armstrong's "St. James Infirmary" on 12"/45rpm reissue on the Classic label (I think).

Neil Young's "Live Rust" on Japanese import.

Also, Guys (and Gals), here is a question for you: Is it worth paying the extra money for the 12"/45rpm version of Bill Evans "Waltz for Debbie"? Or does the 180g version sound nearly as good?
I have a few LP favorites. The quality and intensity of the performances more than makes up for any audiophile shortcomings these recodings may possess:

Bob Seger-Live Bullet (Capitol, easy one to find)
Jerry Lee Lewis-Live from the Star Club (Germany, import LP)
Otis Redding-Live in Europe (early Volt or later Atco)


"Send in the Clowns" as done by Bill (or is it Joe?) Henderson--Classic Records reissue, 45 rpm side, 12 inch single (33rpm side isn't bad either). Takes you right into the nightclub where he performed it. Everyone who's heard this record on my system asks where to get it, even if they hate the song.
Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus. Performance wise it's very exciting - sonically excellent.
The Weavers reunion at Carnegie Hall - must be the most realistic recording of voices i have ever heard - particularly Pete Seeger. I listen to this at least once a week. I listen from beginning to end, and by the time the finale ('round the world) comes round I am clapping and singing to "michael rowed the boat ashore".

Absolutely stunning.

Makes the investment in hardware wholly worthwhile.
The defunct Tracking Angle magazine had an article about this. The link will take you to the back issue page and the issue is the last on the page.
The Weavers Carnegie Hall Reuniun 1963 and Harry Belefonte's Live at Carnegie Hall are both terrific live performances.
There are actually MANY good live albums, contrary to popular belief. Some have been mentioned and do a serach on threads to find mention of many more. One that might be a bit obsure and is rarely mentioned? "Livestock" by Brand X. Try it, you'll like it! At least I did. It include pre-Genesis Phil Collins, though the music is anything but Genesis-like and, if you like jazz, pick up a copy.
Frank Sinatra Live at the Sands with the Count Bassie orchestra.This is a fine recording and Frank is at his best I think he was Fifty then his voice is stunning.
For instrumental Larry Coryell European Impressions is superb. I have never seen it in cd
Not rock and not quite jazz, but " Friday Night In San-Francisco" by John McLaughlin Paco De Lucia and Al Di Meola is a masterpiece of acoustic guitar music.The collaboration of these very different guitarists is unique.The trio originally included Larry Coryell instead of Al Di Meola, but he could not keep up with the other two both mentally and technically.
Eric Clapton's 24Nights album available on vinyl and cd.
Dire Straits Alchemy is terrific, as is Nirvana Unplugged
Yusef Lateef - Live at Pep's.
Neil Diamond " Hot August Night " ( MFSL )
Bill,Henderson " Send in the Clowns "
Belafonte " Returns to Carnegie Hall "
Deep Purple " Made in Japan " ( DCC )

and many many more
Yeah Neil Diamond at his Best this is such a great sounding LP live I have three copy's the old original relese on Vinyl has a Brown label on the LP this LP sounds very good as does the MFSL the re relise is not as good
But this LP just rocks !! side 1 and expecially side 4

Another Great Live LP is the Allman Brothers Live at Filmore East the Nautlus Issue its to expensive but its very good.

and One More

Eric Clapton Just One Night on Nautilus this LP sounds Awesome !!! also Expensive
The regular issue is very good sounding also.

Mark In Puyallup WA
the eagles"live" -japanese pressing. seven bridges road is among the ultimate show-off tracks in my 5k album collection of lp's.

Genesis Live reissue on Classic Records
Has to be Talking Heads Stop Making Sense
Etta James and Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson‘s 1986 Fantasy release titled “Early Show, Vol. 1: Blues in the Night”

This album has raw power, dynamics and the ability to make every listener want to get off the couch and dance. In addition to the headliners, we have Shuggie Otis (guitar) and Red Holloway (sax). Combine this with George Horn’s engineering and you have “Contemporary Jazz” label quality in a Blues album. (Same company, so why not?)

One long term member of my audio group always smiles when I put this on the turntable. He always says “All we need is the sound of clinking glasses and the smoke.”

He’s pretty close to right. This album puts you IN the club with Etta and the band.
The great show of nina simone live in paris
Thanks for the Etta James/Eddie Vinson recomendation. I hope I can find it, your description is really appealing.
Joni Mitchell and the LA Express, "Miles of Aisles"; Asylum AB202. I don't know if it's 'the best' but I have always enjoyed this double album live recording.
Dave Mason's double live album is a terrific recording, so are Get Yer Ya Ya's Out and Lou Reed's Rock & Roll Animal...
I had started to write the Louis Armstrong rendition of "St. James Infirmiary" from "Satchmo Plays King Oliver" 45 rpm on Classic Records without having read the original post, but then I deleted it, because as good as this recording is (it will give you chills on the right system), is it live?

Well whether it is live or not, it is real. Louis is reincarnated right in the room. Probably, this is the best example of a moment in time where the art and science of making a great recording came together with a great musical performance. Great vocals, great music, great recording. If you have an excellent-sounding analog system, this is the one to own.
I didn't see the original list, but my favorite live jazz recording is Mingus at Antibes on Atlantic
At Fillmore East, The Allman Brothers, (any version) must be at in the list. Crank it up, on good equipment, and enjoy. Nothing compares...
At Fillmore East, The Allman Brothers, (any version) must be at in the list. Crank it up, on good equipment, and enjoy. Nothing compares...
Harry Belafonte Live at Carnegie Hall is fantastic considering its 50 years old
Allison Krauss and Union Station Live on Mo Fi. I great recording and great music.
If you like the Blues, "The London Muddy Waters Sessions" on Chess is a classic. Not only is it well recorded, the music is Muddy at his best. A gifted artist at his peak, it doesn't get any better than this.
I'm surprised noone's mentioned Bill Evans' 2 Village Vanguard recording, Live at the VV and Waltz for Debby. Both are essential jazz recordings as well as being well recorded live dates. They've also neen recently reissued as audiophile grade vinyl by analogue productions, I believe. Definitly worth looking into. Another recording I'm considering myself is Neil Young's Massey Hall concert, supposedly of excellent musical and recording quality. I love his early LPs, especial After the Gold Rush, so the above concert is very appealing.
The L.A. Four, "Scores," on Concord, recorded live at the Concord jazz festival in the '70s. Every Concord LP that I've heard is a sonic gem, whether live or studio.
"Waiting for Columbus"
Little Feat
You're in the venue with Neil right in front of you with this live recording.
I have to agree with Utahusker I just got the Neil Young Massey Hall cd and it sounds great Neil sounds so Young !!
He was only 23 I believe.
I For some reason it didn't show Massey Hall as my subject line. Tpreaves must have a sixth sense :)
This is easy The Who Live at Leeds on Classic vinyl scratches pops and all. Driving bass the best drums, the best rock guitar, vocals and sound this equals Rock and Roll foot stomping music deluxe.
I would start here, no doubt theres many more i could mention.
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I love Zachary Richard's "Fatras: Live in Montreal", and continue to cue it up regularly after more than 25 years. This is a smokin' Zydeco band with a very young, impossibly skinny Sonny Landreth on guitar. The recording quality is really good, of the close-miked type. It's on the RZed label which (I assume) is a vanity project of Richard's and is, I think, still available.

In addition to two of my rock faves previously mentioned (Allmans at Fillmore and The Who's Live at Leeds)I'd also recommend Humble Pie's "Rockin' the Fillmore" and Hendrix's "Band of Gypsys."
Given my age, I am shocked that everything I would have recommended is already listed above. I heavily use live recordings in evaluating equipment.
"Will the circle be unbroken" by the nitty gritty dirt band not only has great pickin but also some of the best guitar sound ive ever heard.
No offense Tzh21y, but the Allison Krauss Live LP on MoFI is so painfully digital, thin and brittle sounding that a great bunch of tunes are left utterly stripped of life leaving behind a mere skeleton...too bad because I've had the pleasure of seeing Union Station live several times, and this "LP" doesn't do her and her group any kind of justice.

For a delightful analog experience, try Duke Ellington, "Jazz at the Plaza" Volume 2, Columbia from 1973. This is a series of private performances for Columbia executives from 1958 that never saw the light of day until the early 1970's. Volume 1 features Miles Davis - both are easy to find, but the killer sound is on Volume 2.

Richard, Ive heard other posters say the same thing about the mofi allison krause. My experience though is like Tzh21y, on my system the sound is rich and detailed and one of the best live recordings Ive heard. Something odd about the variety of experiences with this lp. BTW Ive spent most of my life perfoming and listening to live music so I have a fair idea of how it should sound.
Check out Diana Krall "Live in Paris" the cd is good the dvd is great. Damn, that woman is sexy !!!!!!
david gilmour live in gdansk has to be up there as one of the best live lps. Live rust and waiting for columbus also way up there.
david gilmour live in gdansk has to be up there as one of the best live lps


You can listen to how they mixed that concert for DVD (which is awesome too) here with Andrew Jackson's interview at David Gilmour's Studio.(Andrew Jackson was the sound engineer.) It is an interesting story - just click on Watch the "video feature" with legendary Pink Floyd recording engineer Andy Jackson. Like most engineers he is not all that keen on the center channel...a nod to two channel.
Oilmanmojo if you get the chance give Pink Floyds Pulse on vinyl a road test. I also have Gdansk vinyl which is a fine recording for me it seems more of the music is on the slower side where as Pulse is full on hard driving Pink Floyd rock and roll music.
It is interesting to hear that people here the Union Station live recording in different ways. I wonder if system synergy has anything to do with it. To me it sounds pretty good. Very alive. Great musicians!
Lucinda Williams 'Live at the Fillmore'. If you like Lucinda, that is. (-: