Best Linn service in NYC area?

I need to have my LP12 serviced. I might want to get a new arm/cartridge as well (NOT a Linn cartridge, thank you). Can anyone reccomend a place to go in the NYC area? I am willing to travel a bit, after all, its a turntable we are talking about!
Innovative Audio (Brooklyn Heights/Manhattan) is a long-time Linn dealer (or was; haven't visited for some time). Give a call, I think they only do turntables at one location.
Try Accent on Music in Mt. Kisco, NY in Westchester
County. Ask for David Wilson.
Audio Connection in New Jersey has a LP 12 technician.
Try High End Audio Repair in Brooklyn
Phone number (718)377-8010
Vmk: is David Wilson the same legendary Linn guy who worked in White Plains? That might be the ticket. at 27 west 20th is the most convenient in NYC. They are not cheap but offer excellent service on high end audio gear
The responses are interesting. I find Fred ( see if he is still at Ears Nova in NYC) to be far more meticulous than Wilson. But...what do I know. I've only owned 3 LP-12s.