Best Liner Notes / Information delivery from Streamers & Streaming Services

Looking to research which streamers with dedicated software packages have the best delivery of liner notes, including personnel, recording info, etc.

I believe that search would lead one to using either a Roon based system or perhaps Innuos Sense or Aurender Conductor.

Having this info , especially for jazz and classical, is almost equally important as the sq for me.

I'm currently using the JPLAY app to stream Qobuz to an Ifi Streamer.  The rest of the system is sounding pretty good but the user experience is leaving me unsatisfied, despite JPLAY showing a ton of promise for a new software program.


I share your desire to know WHO is playing the music I’m listening to, maybe even WHO composed it. Roon seems to be the best . . . it’s their main value-added in my view . . . having far more of that kind of information than other platforms I’ve used (BluOS, JRiver, and DLNA).

But even Roon can’t show information if the record company doesn’t provide it, and that has been a sore spot for me. Both old and new jazz albums don’t always list personnel; and available audio files of (mostly older) albums can be released without any kind of booklet. (How hard is it to scan a booklet, for heaven’s sakes?) Roon does mitigate that by making Tivo and Wikipedia info available while you are playing an album, which does help a lot. Often there is more info about personnel there (esp. for jazz) than one might find elsewhere.

What is Roon doing to access metadata that Innuos Sense isn’t doing?

Is it that there’s more of a search engine built into Roon?  Or is it the same info just displayed differently?

I think Roon does so well because they pay for access to metadata source, rather than solely depend on what’s freely available. They also access Wikipedia. It is their selling point, so they put more effort into it than some other platforms.