Best linear PSU under $1000?

For powering things like a lumin u1 mini, pi2aes etc. What is the best under $1k? Obviously sbooster mk2 and uptone lps 1.2 come to mind. Any others?
Keces p8, Plixir Elite BDC are others I can think of.
Check out the Uptone Audio JS-2 and the Mojo Audio Illuminati v3. They pop up used for under $1k.

But the deal of the century has to be the Farad Super3. Very well reviewed. Check out the LPS shootout conducted on the whats best forum featuring the Super3 vs Sbooster and a few others, I believe it was translated from Dutch. I’m picking up a Farad Super3 later this week. Prices start around $500 and go up from there if you want upgrades fuses.
Alex thanks. Ended up with Keces p8. We'll see how it works out.
How is the Keces P8 working out for you? I use both the Uptone Audio JS-2 and the Mojo Audio Illuminati v3. I like both power supplies. 
So far working out really well but I haven't compared it to other PSUs. Will get a PSU box with stock lumin psu in it to compare soon hopefully.
Wow! Those things are a LOT of money for a simple power supply and usually only good for one voltage.Look on Ebay for used industrial lab power supplies. Many to choose from for 100 bucks or less. Look for Power Designs, Hewlett Packard, companies that made top notch lab gear.I have two Power Designs power supplies, they will provide 0 to 60 VDC, up to 5 amps current and the power is very clean, well less than a millivolt ripple and the voltage is extremely stable even on a 6 place lab voltmeter. The model with the micrometer pots can regulate to within several millionths of a voltage once set. The voltage regulator is actually in an oven built into the supply to keep it at a constant temp.
These are much better designs and much more versatile, plus your not getting ripped off paying the audiophile tax.
Of course it looks like lab gear but just hide it.
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Industrial power supplies. lol. 
Hi steakster: What power supply did you finally settle on, and for use with which product/products?

For my modem and router, I purchased two of these LPS’s – with heatsinks. The modem and router can cause the LPS’s to get hot if they’re working hard. Such as when watching Netflix or online gaming.

For the digital components in my audio rig, I purchased two of these LPS’s – without heatsinks. Since the draw is low with these components, the LPS’ never get above room temperature.

For my dedicated laptop, I purchased this one. Laptop’s require a different type of LPS to run correctly. It’s not a 19vdc vs 12vdc configuration. It’s something else more complex. I forgot what.

After-market umbilical cords are used with all of the LPS’s. Huge SQ improvement over the stock umbilical cords. Also, all LPS’ are plugged into power conditioners.

I purchased these LPS’s since they were affordable for my budget No complaints. The SQ is quite good. They’ve been problem-free for years. No doubt, the more expensive units are even better. There’s a lot of ways to lighten your wallet in this hobby.

I thought I’d heard it all, but this thread is wild.. Linear power supplies for modems and routers.. “Huge” sound improvements. 

I had to do a double, then triple take. This is what runaway confirmation bias looks like. 
dougeyjones, I'm in total agreement with you. And jaybe scoffed at the idea of industrial PS! The lab supplies I referenced are MUCH better than some ripoff audio supply with gold plated connectors and a fancy name to go with the astronomical price tag.
Lab supplies have REAL specs, voltage drift is measured in parts of a millionth. Noise is in the microvolts or lower region. And they cost a hell of a lot more than $1000 when new.
Those cheap supplies you guys reference have rudimentary regulation and would fail horribly in a electronics lab.


Confessions from an Audiogon member:

" Full disclosure, i am an electrical engineer . . . "

"I am 54, used to be a DJ in night clubs and sound tech touring with live bands and I can still ear the impact of every changes I make related to power… I would like to believe it is only perception/subjective but it is more than that for sure."

"I really believed for a moment that those three tracks were poorly recorded. With the LPS in place they sound just great."

Quotes excerpted from this Audiogon discussion.
Farad Super 3 looks like the real deal. Has some ultra-low noise specs and some new technology, EDLC capacitors. Check out the site's tech talk page and the shoot-out with other LPSs.  No, I don't own one, but I might take the plunge.
@c_avila1 How does the Illuminati V3 compare to the Uptone? I have the V1 and contemplating upgrading to the V3...
CI Audio has worked very well for me.
@rareace, I cannot answer your question because I briefly used the JS-2 in my system, powering the USB card and the SPDIF converter before relocating it to power my modem and router.

Also, I used the Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix DC umbilical with the JS-2. I was not able to use the GM cable with the Illuminati V3. 

DC cables make a difference, and using the same DC cable would allow me to compare the two units fairly.

I returned the V3 to fund the EVO DAC that I now have.

@c_avila1 Thanks for the feedback. I'll be getting my V3 soon and excited to compare it to the V1. How is the EVO DAC? What DAC did you have prior to it?