I have been waiting and waiting to pick up a used Blue Circle MR 1200, but so far, nada... i am reaching the end of my patience... does anyone have other suggestions for a good power/line conditioner (new or used) in that general price range (UNDER $600). This is for AUDIO use only on a mainly ANALOG system, need at least 6 jacks, and prefer an ACTIVE unit with an ON/OFF switch. thanks to anyone with any advice.
The Adcom ACE-615 for $500 at Audio Advisor ( is a very nice unit for a reasonable price.
It's not an active unit (no on off switch), but I bought it and feel I won't ever need anything more expensive.

Chang Lightspeed CLS6400
i was told adcom's tend to restrict dynamics quite a bit
There is a Tice Solo conditioner for sale on A'gon for $300. It does not constrict dynamics. It does not have an OFF/ON switch.
I own one and it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. It has completely silenced the noise from my apartment outlets. Highly recommended (no, the one for sale is not mine).
How about a 20A dedicated circuit for your HiFi? And money left over toward power cords. Happy Listening!
The Adcom unit was the first conditioner I had ever bought, back in 1990 or 1991. It worked well to my ears, with an audible improvement. I do not recall any dynamic restrictions. I have since gone through several Tice models, the latest and greatest for me is the Tice High Current Solo unit (now unfortunately only available used as Tice has closed doors). I recommend the Tice Solo or even better the High Current Solo. No restrictions that I can hear.
If you swing it there's a used Running Springs Jaco unit for 900 on A'gon.I have the Haley absolutly the best conditioner out there ,not advertised much so you'll have to search around and you'll see how well regarded it is.No I'm not afflilated with the co. but a very happy customer.
Will not restrict dynamics in fact makes it seem you've done a 50% upgrade in your gear.
There is (or was) a Tice Power Block III on Audiogon at $500, an outright steal IMHO. Two audiobuddies and I have this unit and like it a lot. Dave
Dave, I have used a Transcendent Power Conditioner with excellent results. The item is available in kit or factory build. The results best other conditioners that are better advertised. New they are about $400.00. They rarely come up on audiogon and when they do they go quickly. Bruce builds great items. Hope this helps. Steve
Before you dive into the 'line conditioning' game, may I ask what kind of power cords you are using? I tried the Blue Circle 1200 and didn't like what it did to my amp (dynamics were hindered) so I didn't go for it.

I've achieved outstanding results with upgrading power cords and addressing power distribution (power strip) issues.

Consider power cords and power distribution your fundamental starting point. Once you are settled and happy there, then you have a strong foundation to work with and may consider line conditioning. In my experience, power conditioners have more trade offs than benefits, but it all depends what your priorities are.
PS Audio UPC 200.
Installed mine 2 days ago.Absolutely superior to no powerconditioning.The difference is also not suttle,quite marked,to my surprise.No restriction of dynamics,actually more dynamic sounding,compared too without.Active but no switch.Use for my AA Prima cd player and The Gryphon Callisto 2100 int amp.Powercords, Signal Magic Power.Digital Reference to the Prima and powercord to the Callisto.
How the UPC 200 would compare too similar priced brands,I would not know.
A bit off topic, but a big thanks to Edlchiang62 for mentioning the ADCOM. I had never heard of it. I live in an old house without grounded outlets. so no MOV based surge supressors for me. I am using a "Brick Wall" for my audio system, but "Brick Wall" doesn't have anything with coax or telco protection. The ADCOM does, and is not MOV based, so I will be able to use this for my Video / Computer.
The Blue Circle MR1200 is great for what it does for your source components. I use one and still plug the amp into the wall. (Disclaimer... I also sell them).

If you want current, then the MR2400
thank you all for your responses. The TICE sounds like it might be a match based on the reviews i have been reading (but the solo does not have enough inputs). What about the Brickwall? Are these units worthwhile? My chords are all good quality upgrades, mainly audioquest... noticed a difference right away, but more than open to suggestions!
The reason I was interested in a unit with an On/Off switch is because I do not want to have my phono pre plugged in and running all the time... however, i suppose i could just unplug it nightly...
if anyone has a unit for sale (the Tice power block, 20a (not fimiliar with) or any others that you feel would fit my need please email me: ...
also, i know the running springs unit would be amazing... just beyonds my means at the moment.
also, chord suggestions are welcomed!!!!

thank you all again.
I really do appreciate the time you have taken to impart your knowledge and experience.
please tell me more about the transcendent... i am unfimiliar with this unit.

thank you all again.
Agree with the Bluebull about the PS Audio UPC 200....
what do you guys think between a new MR800 for 600 or a used PowerBlock (tice) for $550?
or should i wait
Dave, I don't think they are on the market yet (they were at CES), however APC (American Power Conversion) who is best known for computer power supplies and backups are coming out with a line of Audio Video products. They are also going to be designing some power gear to be sold by Rotel. See attached link..


I read a little and they may top out at 900 watts. I assume though that prices might be lower than most audiophile products, but I cannot be sure.
thank you...
I use Richard Gray power conditioners with excellent results, and a 400 can be found for under $600 used. That said, I also have a Transcendent Sound preamp which is excellent, so I think Bruce's power conditioner is worth considering. I agree with Salevick that Bruce designs excellent products, so please don't overlook them. You can find more information at www.transcendentsound.
i have used Richard Gray...
thank you for your info.
Try the large powervar model 12 for $120-$220 on ebay or audiogon. I use mine for everything except my amp which I plug directly into my cryo'd P&S outlet.
thanks, i think i may have scored a used MR1200... keep your fingers crossed for me. that or the tice powerblock 3... they are the same price. $500.

thanks again guys
Nothing to those Hydra's but a lot of marketing.
Crossing that one of my list.