Best Line conditioner under $1000 used

I am moving into a smaller house. My exsisting house has a dedicated circuit for my system. I will need to use a power conditioner for a while at the new house. I say that without knowing. I assume I need a power conditioner at the new house. It is 100 years old. I guess I am asking what my choices are. Will I benefit from a line regulator/ power conditioner or something. I have been looking at the Monster AVS2000 sig series. Looks like a real nice product.
I have done some reading and find that these items tend to add a signature to the sound. Not to sure I am happy about that. Any input?
Thanks, Scott
Avoid Monster. It makes the sound worse IMHO and others. The Chang Lightspeed works for me and actually helps the sound a bit without any negative results.

I use and am very happy with my Vans Evers. They are, unfortunately, rarely seen on the used market. The good news is that I use the "Unlimiter" on my power amps and the 14 outlet model for everything else and didn't pay $1000 for both of them. Check out their web site.
Tice Audio Solo High Current, should sell around $350 used.
I will be running a pair of Rogue Magnum 120's, An ARC LS3 and a seperate phono stage and TT.
So I don't think amperage is a huge concern.
Thanks so far, Scott
For a thousand bucks, you should be able to have an electrician install a few dedicated lines. It might be worth looking into as a better alternative than a line regulator or power conditioner; and it will last much longer.
I guess that is my big question. Would it just be in my best interest to avoid all of this in the first place and run a dedicated circuit? Do these devices really effect the sound that much? It wouldn't take me but a half a day to run the circuit. But I was thinking that there could be some benefit from using such a device. If they all effect the sound somehow, there might be one with a positive effect and provide the needed safety needed.
I say get a couple of those used Audio Magic devices They can be had for 400 or so; used.---You'll need 2 because they have only 1 duplex.

PS Audio power plants or Inouye. Also API Ultra models (or anything with balanced transformer common mode noise reduction).

Good luck!
You might try a new Welborne Gatekeeper. They are better than the Chang IMHO, and really a good value.
Run the dedicated line(s) and then see if you need to add anything. I experienced much improvement in the sound after doing so in our 100year+ old house. After all, conditioners are only needed to correct something on the AC.

BTW, while you are at it, make sure you have or put in a whole-house surge/lightning protector.

Panamax has the best filtration and is truly a surge protector with isolated power for analog and digital.
Powervar, used on ebay for couple G's at the most, depending on amp draw.
I achieved dedicated lines, power conditioning and the answer to my electrical distibution nightmares, which had persisted for many, many years, through a single product. It requires a 240v outlet in your home, but believe me, this was one exciting purchase -- to realize that it instantly banished a whole host of intractable issues and maximized my sonic experience with all the rest of my gear (which had been mysteriously underperforming forever)! -- I was elated. Unfortunately I sold off alot of good stuff before discovering that I had had the right stuff, just wasn't feeding it properly. If you don't have the outlet it won't help you, plus I'm in a hurry, but if it interests you to any greater extent you can contact me through Audiogon.
Well it is certainly very easy to install so let me know, I would appreciate it very much.
I agree wholeheartedly with installing dedicated lines. Get some (enough for your wiring needs) 10 gauge Romex from Home Depot, send it off to Cryogenics International to have it cryoed. Also get some Porterport receptacles and then have your favorite electrician wire you up.
For a line conditioner, you can get a BMI IPLC that is a passive line conditioner that is incredible for the money. You should be able to pick one up used or a new one from BMI. Just do a search for BMI and you will a used one up for sale for $ 535.00. He is asking too much but you can contact BMI and see what a new one would cost.
I am guessing you can possibly get 2 or 3 dedicated lines (depending on how long the runs and how complicated the wiring is) and a BMI IPLC for around $ 1,000.00.
If you are interested and need help, email me off line.
Where can you get one of those Psychicanimal,I dont think I've heard of them...Bob