Best Line Conditioner

I have a Running Springs Audio- Haley with a HZ Crown Jewel pc. What could be the next best option (Pure Power, Audio Magic,Power Dream, Audience,other)? Only a cdp and an integrated amp will be connected to it. Thank you for your advice!

IMHO, yes it will.

Furman, no contest. These people have been at it longer then the rest. Its used in Library of Congress where they do all types of media transfers. I also was told that most of AFRTS stations use Furman.
Tripoint Spartan, nothing else even comes close.
For $35,000.00, I would really hope that of the Spartan.

That's above my price point, and at it, I really like my Topaz 5.0 kVA .0005pF Ultra Isolation industrial transformer.
I'm sticking with Running Springs.
Don't let the price fool you. (Especially when comparing to bloated stuff like Tripoint.)
Given that every single internal part is made in house by one of the most internationally well respected manufacturers of extreme quality coils/transformers/and capacitors. AND given that they reserve their absolute best designs of these parts for themselves. AND given that the company uses a relatively low margin. (read: fair pricing, not bloated, "I'm king of the hill" pricing.)
You're getting more than $35,000 dollars worth of performance from RSA.
Oh, and doing it longer? Well, let me put it this way.....
My high school science teacher may have spent 20 years working on some cool project. But if I need it to work properly, I'm going with the Physicist whose wall is covered with peer granted credentials and awards.
Look up the article than ran in TAS last year regarding the RSA Dmitri. You'll see there really isn't a more qualified outfit than RTI Electronics to build isolation devices.
Dems the facts Ma'am.