Best Line Conditioner

I have a Running Springs Audio- Haley with a HZ Crown Jewel pc. What could be the next best option (Pure Power, Audio Magic,Power Dream, Audience,other)? Only a cdp and an integrated amp will be connected to it. Thank you for your advice!
Why not upgrade within the Running Springs Audio range to the "Maxim"? It has 4 outlets.

You already have the HZ Crown Jewel power cord so you could get the basic model and put the cord that comes with it with the Haley and sell that combination.

I recently bought a Maxim Deluxe (with the Mongoose PC) and am very impressed.

I'd like to have your HZ Crown Jewel power cord. ;-)

For simplicity I would agree with Metralla.
If your looking for something new and different read up on Sound Application
Do not sell the HZ Crown Jewel. No matter what else you do, do not sell that power cord.

Why not sell the AC cable. Is it that good? I have the DMitri with a Synergistic T3 UHC on it. Will the HZ be better?
Line conditioners do exactly what they say and are always masking something in the system from anything I have heard. I have been so happy with what the PSA Power Plant Premier does in my system I almost sold it thinking I could get along without it and just use a conditioner. I was extremely wrong and opted not to sell it and have sellers remorse, it regenerates AC and makes my all Krell system very musical not that it was bad to begin with but it elevates it to another level.

IMHO, yes it will.

Furman, no contest. These people have been at it longer then the rest. Its used in Library of Congress where they do all types of media transfers. I also was told that most of AFRTS stations use Furman.
Tripoint Spartan, nothing else even comes close.
For $35,000.00, I would really hope that of the Spartan.

That's above my price point, and at it, I really like my Topaz 5.0 kVA .0005pF Ultra Isolation industrial transformer.
I'm sticking with Running Springs.
Don't let the price fool you. (Especially when comparing to bloated stuff like Tripoint.)
Given that every single internal part is made in house by one of the most internationally well respected manufacturers of extreme quality coils/transformers/and capacitors. AND given that they reserve their absolute best designs of these parts for themselves. AND given that the company uses a relatively low margin. (read: fair pricing, not bloated, "I'm king of the hill" pricing.)
You're getting more than $35,000 dollars worth of performance from RSA.
Oh, and doing it longer? Well, let me put it this way.....
My high school science teacher may have spent 20 years working on some cool project. But if I need it to work properly, I'm going with the Physicist whose wall is covered with peer granted credentials and awards.
Look up the article than ran in TAS last year regarding the RSA Dmitri. You'll see there really isn't a more qualified outfit than RTI Electronics to build isolation devices.
Dems the facts Ma'am.

So I shouldn't sell my DMitri for the SR Powercell 10SE? Sidestepping am I?
Yo Erasto. IMHO expensive power conditioner mfr's prey on the well known audiophile bias toward more $$$$ equals better performance. This may have some merit with speakers, amps, and players but the point of diminishing returns is reached quite quickly with accessories and then drops off a cliff. Accessories are where dealers make there bread and butter. I live in the boonies where there are no dealers to support so I'm an online guy by necessity. I doubt you will do much better than what I use: an APC H15 power conditioner with 12 outlets, 1440 watt electric power capacity, and a silver face (to match my components, of course). The outlets are engineered to keep digital, analog, video, and high current loads (power amp & subwoofer) and their electronic noise separate from each other. It also sepetates and protects telephone, data, CATV and satellite connections. The sound of my system is quieter with this unit and I am confident it will work to protect my system from power surges or sags, though I will be quite happy to never test that hypothesis. Right now there is a very good deal for this unit at Tiger Direct for $200. The 1000 watt unit (H10) is $100. If you don't use it for a big plasma TV in addition to the stereo eqpt, 1000 watts is usually adequate. That's my two cents for now. P.S. I'm an IBEW trained electrician with thirty years under my belt and a lot of engineering classes thrown in to boot, so it's possible I'm not completely out to lunch. That being said I'm sure I just put on a t-shirt with a bulls eye on the back for some of the 'goners on this site to shoot at. Anyway, do your online research,etc. and go for it. Good luck.
Some say that the Clarity Cable's 3D Max power conditioner is really good....
I have had 4 RSA conditioners and happily sold them all when I heard the Acoustic Revive RTP Ultimate. I use 2 of them now in my system and cannot say enough good things about them. I have been through so many PC's and can't stand what any of them ultimately do to the music (includes RSA). All have an initial wow factor but when you start to sort through the consequences, it is never worth it to me. The only other 2 I would even consider would be Sound Applications or MIT. My 2 cents.
don't mess around. if you truely want the best then get one of these bad boys. i just did.

the Equi=tech Wall Cabinet System will give you up to 10kva of clean balanced isolated power to all your system outlets and render all the nice, but limited effectivness, small line conditioners as irrelivant.

you can spend alot more money and get alot less performance. you'll need dedicated lines, good quality outlets, and decent power cords whatever set-up you choose. but if you want that late night magic 100% of the time for all your gear then this is the way to go. period.
AUDIENCE 6TS wonderful unit great stage imaging bass very quiet.