Best line conditioner???

I've heard that line conditioners make a big difference by cleaning up all the garbage and noise between your outlet and equipment. Is it true and can you suggest something half decent...HELP!!!
Well, I haven't used all the conditioners, but I recently got the Chang Lightspeed cls 3200 and it did make a difference right away. I highly recommend this product. If you don't want to drop the $300, try the monster hts 1000, or 2000. I've heard these work fairly well as well, though the Chang products are supposed to excellent. Good luck!
Well, I would recommend Tice for build quality + sonics (both fantastic), but seeing as they just went out of business... I wouldn't recommend them so eagerly anymore : ( They made some of the best.

ps - they can make a huge difference... as for Monster, check out this closeout on

Monster HTS-2500 Power Filter $154.95
If any of your equipment is in the least bit current hungry then stay away from the Monster stuff. It made my VAC preamp muddy in the bass and actually increased the noise floor.
Audio Magic mini stealth is $500. Used for $375.
Also Exact-power used to be sold be
I keep saying it, and so does T.A.S.! David Blair's Custom Power Cord Line (line conditioners and power cords) is full of some amazing AND AFFORDABLE gear! His products have won more T.A.S. Golden Ear awards than any other single manufacturer, as well as the ONLY two-time Golden Ear award for a single product! 'Nuff said.
Hi Mr. Parrot, TAS likes it so that is the final word? Nuff said? Come on. It may be a good place to start, but unless you assemble the reviewer's exact system including his room, you are unlikely to get the same results.
I've had excellent results using both the Welborne Labs "Gatekeeper" and the Shunyata "Hydra" in my system (currently use both)These units are passive (unlike the Tice) and do not seem to restrict dynamics or cause any ill effect on the sound. Hydra = $1,500.00 used. Welborne = $300.00 new. The Welborne is 90% of the Hydra IMO.
Good line conditioners help. Bad ones may not and can sometimes make things worse.

You might want to check out the Foundation Research LC-2 and LC-1 in-line power conditioners at under 'What's New" and also at to see what they have to say about these products.

These are dedicated in-line conditioners, meaning one per component and take the place of the power cable.

I believe the LC-2 now retails for $1100 and the LC-1 for $700.

And no matter which line conditioner you chose, you will still benefit from dedicated AC circuits/lines and good line conditioners will still improve the sonics if you already have dedicated AC circuits/lines.

A dedicated line still has AC noise. Only now the AC noise on that line is dedicated.

I have had a bunch - Tice, Chang, PS Audio PP300, Audioprism, ESP, Sound Application XE-12 and the Audio Magic Stealth. Some were better than others, some not worth the money. But, in MY SYSTEM, the new Audio Magic Matrix (with it's new power cord which is an integral part of the system AND included in the price) beat them all and by a fairly decent margin. I didn't want to believe this flimsy, lighweight, cheap-looking box could possibly be anything but snake oil, but I'll be darned, it was the FIRST PC in my system that didn't do some bad with the good. It simply improved the noise floor, it smoothed the digititis and it DIDN'T negatively impact the transparency or dynamics like the others did in one way or the other. But, as always, YMMV.
I use the Audio Magic Stealth. Dramatic change in my system. Everything, except my sub is plugged into it. Dramatic difference. Small, light and given the costs of the other big boys, pretty reasonable. Maybe a better word is competitive. 'tis a bit pricey, but worth it.
A dealer also told me about the Audio Magic Matrix (Fmpnd) already has. Stehno also states another condieration. Shunyata will be out with a new conditioner and very inexpensive along with a cheaper revised Hydra.
best line conditioner?

How bout a well thought out beefy power supply.
I still remember when they came in amps. An endangered species now.

i remain
How about a Teflon dielectric, beefy, double-shielded dedicated line? RSVP for details. Cheers
The ps audio 300, this one is good it has multiwave,
you can switch it, very good unit. the ultimate power
is also good, to save money get the juice bar, the
monster cable Hts 100 is very musical. It depends on
your need. Do they work? absolutely yes yes.......
I have to agree with you Clueless and Subaruguru, if your amplifier(s) has a good enough power supply and you have good dedicated lines with good connections and outlets, you will likley hear less improvement with a line conditioner. I do not use any conditioning on my amps, just a dedicated 20 amp line with a good outlet and power cord. I only use the conditioner on my digital now (and if I ever get my phono stage back, I may try it on that as well).
Fmpnd my friend and I we have a big discussion about
20 amp,good power cable,good dedicated lines, 400 watt
per channel amp,He said the same thing, until I brought
my ultimate power ps audio,He cant believe the improvement
so he bought 2, no connection to ps audio,i say this
in due respect to you,its an experience i will never forget.
Of course this doesnt work with every system.
I go for balanced power with dedicated lines. Balanced power tech. can power amps. also.
Jayctoy, I have not heard that particular PS Audio unit and do not doubt that you heard an improvement. I would like to hear that unit some day.
Fmpnd,this ps audio unit the 300 if you use the custom
power cord model eleven,it makes all you front gear
to the max,have you read john Atkinson review, normally
i dont pay much attn on his review, but I made a big
mistake i agreed to bring it home, it cost me $900,but
bro,this second system of mine is only $5000 but its
hard to beat, sound is so clean,congestion free, it gives
you, pure blank ink jet background, Warning;if you are
not ready dont try it.

They are a crap shoot. How your gear reacts to them is the unknown. Balanced power gives some gear fits. I like Furman reference 20i and I have kept it, while others have come and gone and some quick. I feel for front end gear the Harmonic Technology Magic is wonderful and one cord with a good power strip can condition your whole front end. I own 2 of these also. They don’t mess with the sound, drop the noise and open things up with tighter and deeper bass. Vocals sound natural with better presence. I have taken these cords with me to audio friends home all have purchased them used. I liked amps always better plugged into the wall. 

People have endorsed conditioners, but in all I've tried, I can't do the same.  They all change the sound but add warts that I'd rather forego
IMHO, the Furman with LiFT and SMP are the most cost effective, and most lightning proof. :)