Best light weight full range speaker recommendation.

I love to experiment with sound and so far has been mostly constrained to book shelves, (Persona B, Formation Duo) or low sitting speakers (Heresy IV) all of which require separate subs (maybe not the formation). Now for full range speakers, it seems like the new Beolab 28 is really the most lightweight one out there. Kinda wonder what other options are there, or rather do any of you mount speakers on wheels?


Goldenear Triton Reference, 12hz-35khz, around $10k, 110 lbs. (class A in Sterophile)

Wilson SabrinaX, 31hz-23khz, around 20k, 112 lbs.

Focal Sopra 3, 33hz-40khz, around 20k, 154 lbs.

I still do not comprehend why you care about the weight at this price point.  (So you could move them around in your living room?)

You might try the ATC SCM40, I think they weigh about 60 pounds each (I have the SCM35's). They punch well above their weight in price. A3 Magicos are what I would do above these- they weigh 110 pounds.

You should look at the monitor audio Platinum 300 Gen 2 Robert Dortch of stereophile after listing to them bought them as his new reference the whole Platinum lineup is incredibly good sounding.