Best light weight full range speaker recommendation.

I love to experiment with sound and so far has been mostly constrained to book shelves, (Persona B, Formation Duo) or low sitting speakers (Heresy IV) all of which require separate subs (maybe not the formation). Now for full range speakers, it seems like the new Beolab 28 is really the most lightweight one out there. Kinda wonder what other options are there, or rather do any of you mount speakers on wheels?


It'd be good to know what's the in the rest of your system, and what your budget is.

Magico speakers were used in one of the best systems I've heard recently.  No sub, excellent bass along with everything else.  I have no idea how heavy they are, but the have optional wheels to move them easily. 

If you have carpets, furniture moving carpet sliders make adjusting heavy speakers easy. Once you find the ideal position, replace the sliders with Iso Acoustic Gaia isolation footers and Bob's your uncle.


Speaker/Furniture Carpet Sliders

Thanks for the replies. My budget is up to $20k used for the speaker, I like the idea of sliding carpet as my room does have a fairly glossy floor. 

In general, I have found the better the speakers the more they weigh. If you are buying speakers in that category, I would expect the dealer to come over and set them up, and tune them.


If you need to move them... yes furniture sliders make easy work of hundreds of pounds.


I now have Sonus Faber Amati Traditional... something like 150 pounds. It is easy to rotate on a single point to change toe in. Or walk a little ways.

I would not add low weight into the equation, it could easily be a big compromise in sound quality. At that price point there are lots of really good full range speaker systems available.

Talking about light weight full range it must be hemp cone from omega super alnico monitor! You only need 2w or better a set of monoblock 8w will make you happy ! Cheer !

Goldenear Triton Reference, 12hz-35khz, around $10k, 110 lbs. (class A in Sterophile)

Wilson SabrinaX, 31hz-23khz, around 20k, 112 lbs.

Focal Sopra 3, 33hz-40khz, around 20k, 154 lbs.

I still do not comprehend why you care about the weight at this price point.  (So you could move them around in your living room?)

You might try the ATC SCM40, I think they weigh about 60 pounds each (I have the SCM35's). They punch well above their weight in price. A3 Magicos are what I would do above these- they weigh 110 pounds.

You should look at the monitor audio Platinum 300 Gen 2 Robert Dortch of stereophile after listing to them bought them as his new reference the whole Platinum lineup is incredibly good sounding.

A gem- Elac 2.0/6.2 speakers

with the correct amp they sound unreal and not fatiguing!

Like 200 watts/ ch


Gear with accurate treble, to me , can be tolerated for a short period of time.

I spend lots of time reading with the audio gear on

And its great with the Elac 2.0,/6.2 or the Epic

Epis on ! No fatigue

I'm done with overpriced gear and wish I knew this yrs ago


a great solution for speakers/equipment/listening room environment with biting treble or a harsh [bright] balance, would be a modern implementation of the old quad preamp’s spectral tilt control. wish somebody would make something like that nowadays. anyways, a nice relatively lightweight speaker would be those made by magnapan, their "magnaplanars." 

What I'd like to know is what is the reason the OP wants a light weight?  
If by full range he means no sub needed, that's a tough nut to crack. Inert cabinets with large or multiple woofers tend to be quite hefty. One brand that gets low coloration without too much mass is Dali. Look at Epicon in comparison to others. 

Full range AND light weight?  That's like saying Jewish space lasers started the terrible fires in Paradise, CA in the not so distant past...  Ya just can't have it.  Onto something more positive, a particular speaker that is small in stature that plays deeper than its size belies is the brand: Raidho.  I'm very impressed by this speaker, with the right amp of course.  It plays dynamically, deep, and oh so beautifully.  Going off topic here, I'm partial to Von Schweikert speakers, but they're big and heavy if the 20 hz region is what one is looking for.  Back on topic, a bookshelf that plays with some warmth is the Dynaudio Hertiage Special; that is one special speaker right there.  That's my $.02.  Good luck in your quest. 

OP, Maybe I missed it, but what amplifier are you using?

While at 133 pounds each I wouldn’t them call light, I have KEF Reference 5’s  they have more than enough bass for me and they fit right into your price point.

All the best.




Wow can’t believe I’m getting so many replies! Now time for more context:

I have multiple pairs of speakers and I live in a high rise apartment where I need to move every two years due to unique lifestyle and work arrangement. And I also like experimenting with speaker placement as apartment walls and windows are always tricky. Currently the heaviest speaker I have is the Dynaodio C2 which is 88lb each, it’s pretty maneuverable as I can facially hug it and lift it up anywhere. I have a Hegel H390 which is super heavy but still doable, and I have a S/3 sub also heavy but doable, basically nothing exceeds 88lb. Now that hearing the floor matt and furniture slider I think my option definitely opens a little but I prefer to have light weight whenever possible. I also don’t quite buy into the weight argument yet and would love some one to enlighten me on this as plenty of light weight system I’ve heard over the years do not seem to have any material disadvantages when it comes to sound resolution, sound stage and details. An example would be formation duo which is basically made of plastic and I’m very impressed by their sound. I mentioned Beolab 28 as I had an audition and was equally impressed. I also auditioned the new 802d4 and could not quite point my finger on why it needed to be that heavy although I really love the 802D4

Oh one thing to ad, I've replaced a few subs to the KEF KC92 they are super light and they don't vibrate at all due to the drivers cancellation themselves out 

I hope this helps. Wilson sells-or gives to the buyers- smooth, metal, saucer

shaped discs with a small impression in the middle which the metal leg points

fit in. I am told by someone who knows that this is the easiest, and safest way to

move heavy speakers on carpet. If you have a hard surface they have a model

with some type of fabric on the floor side.

 I use 4" vinyl coated wheels to move my speakers in place. 

I know from others who own older "Tubby" speaker that wheels  are

often employed. 

Joseph Audio:

PULSAR2 Graphene $9k compact but gives relatively satisfying bass 36lbs each

PERSPECTIVE2 Graphene $15k floorstander 85lbs each

Lots of positive reviews.

Doesn't buy into the weight argument.  Hopeless. Have fun with it anyway.   :)

Vivid Kaya 90s are 87 lbs, the Kaya 45s are only about 57lbs.  "Full Range" is tough but they both extend well below 40hz and will give very satisfying bass and are easy to place.  

Even lighter is the Spendor D line.  The D7.2 is 48lbs while the D9.2 is 80 lbs

These are the lightest larger speaker that I know of.  

Graham Audio Chartwell LS6. Eminently musical stand mount loudspeaker. A speaker you may want to marry, as Steve Guttenberg noted. Add a pair of SVS Micro 3000 subs and take a break from the speaker merry-go-round.

+1 Gershman Grand Avant Garde

One of the main reasons why I bought it was due to its light weight. It may not be a good fit for a large room, but for medium room size, it will fill the room with very tight and firm base, large sound stage, and very good imaging. You will need at least a 100WPC high quality power amp drive it.

re  Gershman Grand Avant Garde

I seriously could not come up with anything to make that speaker uglier, aesthetically speaking

Klipsch Forte are full sounding speakers and weight about 70 lbs. They warm sounding, and non-fatigue, and they are an excellent investments.

Easy answer for me.

Try to find (or talk Jon) into building a set of the Ohm Walsh SSC4900's.

Very light due to the tubes, HUGE full range sound.  

Or find some old sound cylinders and send them in for an upgrade.

Crazy full rage sound if set-up properly and sub 50lbs easy.  Not perfect, but far and away the most "full" range speaker given the weight I've ever heard.

Nola audio. The new model Champs3 put on quite a show at Capital Audio Fest.I own Nola at 6X the price. Yes mine sound better. Had I stumbled on them I'd own then quite contenly.

I use Martin Logan Spire’s. They’re 5 feet tall, and only weigh 57 pounds. 95% of that weight is in the speakers woofer base. The electrostatic panel weighs nothing. They’re full range with as deep a bass as anyone needs. $3300 used from a local seller, and the speakers were barely used in like new condition with the $2000 upgraded Bubinga finish. I replaced a set of Theos with these. The performance difference is night and day and very dramatic. These actually integrate the bass with the panel very nicely. No need to spend $10k on a set of speakers to get excellent stereo performance. The speakers sold new for $9k, so it’s not necessary to spend more for a quality speaker. I’ve purchased jazz archtop guitars for many times more than the cost of these speakers.

re Gershman Grand Avant Garde

I seriously could not come up with anything to make that speaker uglier, aesthetically speaking

My wife likes its appearance much better than plain looking rectangular speakers. My daughter is very artistic (an art major) and she prefers ists looking to other speakers I had:  Harbeths, Tyler, B&W, Apogee, ...

So for me, Avant Garde wins big on its athestics. ;-)

I'm not much on 'modern' or 'contemporary' art so much so horns are pretty much out for me esthetically. I have heard some nice sounds come out of some too.

For a small room full range down to 31hz with lovely sound, I am still happy with Raidho D2 small floorstanders. Room corrected, they are hours of fun.

IS there any reeason that they must be light weight?

If you need the bass get a good sub

IS there any reeason that they must be light weight?

If you need the bass get a good sub