Best Leonard Cohen CD?

Whatis your favorite Leonard Cohen CD?
the future.
other albums either too boring or isn't so advanced.
His last I thought was excellent....Totem used it a couple of years ago to demo at the Montreal audio show, and I really enjoyed the music....bought it based on that
The Future is very good, but I'd give the advantage to "Ten New Songs". The entire album is great, but "In My Secret Life", "A Thousand Kisses Deep", and "Alexandra Leaving", are great songs. It has been in heavy rotation on my system since its release.
10 new songs, by far
I havent heard his latest but 'Im Your Man' is a favorite of mine. I also recommend the Jennefer Warnes cover album 'Famous Blue Raincoat' as a well produced "audiophile" recording. I enjoy listening to various covers of 'Bird on a Wire' from Joe Cocker to Aaron Nevelle to Johnny Cash to...
10 new songs also gets my vote. great music and sound.
I like "The Future" and "I'm Your Man." "Ten New Songs" has some nice numbers on it, but not the edgy lyrics of something like "The Future."

Also look for a collection of covers of L. Cohen songs by a variety of artists called "I'm Your Fan." It has such interesting numbers as R.E.M.'s cover of "First We Take Manhattan."