Best Lamm interconnects?

I have just ourchased a Lamm M1.1. I am interested in purchase the L1 preamp however I have been using balance interconnects with my current set up. Should I find another amp which would support balance interconnects or should I sell my balance cables and replace them with RCA??? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Barry Smith
Sell your balanced cables and go rca. I have Lamm 1.1's also and use Audio Note AN VZ interconnects. Vladimir does not believe in balanced cables, unless you are running very long cable runs of 20 ft or more. More importantly keep your amps close to the speakers as possible and your speaker cables short!Also if your looking for power cords to improve those amps get a couple of FIM Gold power cords, those amps will knock your socks off there a perfect match!
I wholeheartily agree with the above post and the comment on the power cables. I own the ML-1'a with the L-1. I have had great success with the acoustic zen I.C.'s
the only cable to use is the NBS Statement 2's. Using ML1s. Has anyone used LA audio equipment with the Lamm? any experience with LA audio at all?
I have had several different IC's with my Lamm's. IMO the Kimber Select 1130 Balanced have worked the best. I run my Resolution Audio CD 50 direct to the Lamm's via the 1130's
IM using silver audio appassionatas for Meitner to Lamm ll2 and the same to M2.1s Also using biwire SIlver audio Symphony 48s 4 ft runs to biwire the Martin logan Requests These wires take time to burn in but are as the review in Soundstage describes them (see 1/2000 review ) They are transparant with no brightness and lots of depth they blow away my previous lat international ic200 They are worth the money You can usually find a used pair if you look PS great match
I suggest you ask Lamm for their recomendation(s). In general, I wonder why more people who post questions like yours don't do this. (Maybe they do, and post the question as well.) Not that the manufacturer's recommendation is to be taken as gospel. But it's information I'd like to have, whether I ended up paying much attention to it or not.
I own Lamm L1 and M1.1's and all my system is connected through Audio Note AN-Vz interconnects and AN-SPz speakers cable: the result is amazing in term of transparency,detail,naturalness and musicality, and dont' you think that bass is lacking: absolutely not!!
Anyway, I have a friend who uses Kharma top of the line cables to connect his Lamms and this seems to be the best match. Unfortunately, due to tight space available, I cannot use Kharma cables which are really BIG!