Best Krell Class A?

I used to be the owner of a couple KMA 160's. I loved the slam and speed of these amps. I want to get back to that same Krell sound, but am confused on what model to pursue. I don't care how much my electric meter spins-just want that slam (obviously I want all the best attributes of a good sounding class A amp too). I have read reviews (what I can find) on the FPB's and the Evolution series, but really haven't read where anyone is willing to take the plunge and compare either to the old "tanks" of yesteryear. Is there a pair of Krell monoblocks that can measure up to these beasts of the past?
KSA-250 IMHO is unbeatable. My all time favorite amplifier.
The Best Stereo amp that is dual mono design that Krell has ever made in my opinion, Is the Krell 700 CX amp, talking about slam, when you turn this amp's volume up on some high quality speakers, you are in for quite the supprise!, Enjoy The Music.
A pair of Krell Master Reference Amplifiers should successfully free your home from it's foundation. ;^)
The best Krell class A amp was the Krell Audio Standard Mono Block Amplifiers
Here's another thread about the best Krell amps.
I have a mint krell fpb 700cx with box I am selling ...
Pm me if interested and I can text pics
I also have a fully recapped fpb 600 with all 214 caps krell for the cost to do

If you listen to low..ish volumes then the older ksa are great but if your speakers have the ability for incredible SPL then the FPB series is the way to go as you will hear the grainy mids n highs at these levels using the OLDER krells