Best Krell Amp?

I'm pretty much a newbie, I 1st heard my speakers thru a Counterpoint Sa220, Then my friend got a Krell, being 12 years ago I really can't remember any day/night differance.
I'm thinking Krell this time out as I understand that their customer support is 2nd. to none. I'm thinking 1-300 watts.
I will now put on my flame suit and await the tirade.
If you are considering service as part of your decision, take a look at McIntosh and Ayre as well. As far as what Krell to buy I would just go and listen. Good shopping!
Krell nah. had a couple of different models. They're convenient in the northeast. but - service takes a while and refreshes on caps are necessary pretty often.
I've had KSA-50, KSA-100, KSA-150.
I've gone the tube route.
That counterpoint is a very nice amp and in someways will outperform the krells. Ive Had Ksa 200, 250, 300S, mda300 ect.
I now run tube monoblocks, and dont look back. krell match up well with some speakers and seem to be best with difficult network, crossover speakers. The newer speakers i have here show up the krell sound more and its not as involving as some. just My 2cents. Ive spent $80,000 to find this out.
As far as Krells are concerned....I believe the FPB---CX models are their finest amps to date. I owned a KSA250 and currently own a 400cx. I love the way this amp sounds and behaves in my system. Best of luck.
ksa 250
My favorite Krell Amp was the FPB-200. I found it was more neutral (less electronic sounding) than the Aragon 8008BB, and more musical than the other Krell amps of the time as well as the Aragon. Although not perfect, I had always preferred Krell systems because, while listening to them, if I thought about it, I got a sense that I was hearing much more of the recording itself than with other systems, and much less of any colorations. I thought Krell was way ahead the other manufacturers whose products I had heard when it came to resolution and complete neutrality. I don't think most were ready for that. Even now, take a look (and listen) to what many are describing as transparent and neutral.

Their newer stuff is supposed to be warmer and smoother, but I have not heard it enough under consistent conditions to render an opinion.
Caps need to be replaced in anything after time, Krell doesn't need more work than anyone else, and I have been to the factory to help a friend drop off his entire Krell system for upgrades and stuff. The people there were great, and provided us with a nice little tour.

I have heard a number of their amps, starting with thefirst 50wpc unit, a few of their KMA models and two FPB models. The one I preferred the most was the FPB 700cx. This is a lot bigger than you want, but the FPB 300cx should be a really good amp for you.

The newer FPB series amps sound much less Krell and much more neutral and musical than the KSA, KMA, etc, models. IMO.
Let your ears be the judge.
The KCT and 400cx combination is a keeper in my solid state system. Very neutral and sweet sounding with all the dynamic contrast I could ask for.
Service and products are great!

Buy the best and newest that you can afford.

I've always liked the KMA 160 B's and KMA 400 B's.