Best Klipsch floor standing speaker

What is the best klipsch floor standing speaker under  $10,000.00 a pair ?
How do you define "best"? 

If you have the space, I'd look at a pair of La Scala 2, $8K retail.  After that, the Cornwall.  Others to consider would be the Belles, Chorus, and Forte.  If you have a smaller space (and a subwoofer or two or four), the Heresy are nice.  There are a couple of threads on the Klipsch Community message board about rankings of Klipsch speakers.  Surprisingly, opinions vary!
Epic CF-4 version 1. I have also owned Conwalls (late '80's) Klipschorns (late '70's).  
Those CF-4s are pretty close to unobtainium. Especially V1. I had some cf-3 that were version 2. I think those are the only thing that I've sold that I kind of regret letting go. They were kind of hard to sell too which seemed odd but a lot of people don't like big speakers.
Yes, they are. I came across mine in a funny way. I was reading random reviews on years ago and happened on a review of them by a man who owned them and was so emphatic about how good they were that I went looking for a pair. I found them on ebay, and even though I had just bought my second pair of TDL Monitor speakers after regretfully selling the first pair years earlier, I bought them on a hunch for $900.00. I was shocked the first time I listened to them, and immediately sold the TDL's...again. 
They have surpassed the performance in most categories of the other 17 pairs of speakers that I have owned, including a pair that was highly rated by Stereophile and would be an apples to apples comparison, the JBL Array 1400. I bought them as well after owning the Epics for about 5 years. They were beautiful, and very good, but not as good as the Epics.
They were a truly amazing creation by Roy Delgado of Klipsch. 
That's a good story. I had some KLF-30s for quite a while after looking for some for a long time. I liked those a lot as well. Better in some ways than the CF-3, but the cabinets were not very well made.  I let those go not too long ago. I'd like to get some Quartets if the opportunity presents itself. 
It is funny I own a pair of Klipsch Epic CF4 version 4 I am the original owner was thinking that maybe the newer line of Klipsch had something better they still sound great using a Marantz SR7011 and a B&K Reference 7270 Series ll 7 channel power amp which I bought with the Klipsch maybe no need to change I do not change gear often mostly due to technology I needed HDMI inputs for my LG Oled tv and 4k Oppo player which was the reason for receiver change from my Yamaha RX-Z1 which is still going strong in spare room I could use Yamama 7to1 inputs with the oppo but with other items on the rack just needed HDMI.
When things return to whatever "normal" is, go listen to the new La Scalas.  Better yet, see if you can try some out at home and compare to the CF-4s in your own space.
Once I move I will be looking for a pair of LaScalas.  I love my Heresy III but that's been my favorite of the Heritage line...    I heard the new Cornwall and they are pretty awesome too.