Best Karmina Burana performance

I really like the performance of the Karmina Burana that's on the Usher demo CD from a couple of years ago (light colors indoor view of 'listening room', also has Marlene Dietrich cuts).

Does anyone recognize the performance, its conductor, or the label on which it was made?

I'm open to other recommendations if you really like another rendition.

Performance is more important than sound quality, but of course best of both would be great.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
I have the Robert Shaw version on Telarc CD from a ways back.

Not sure if its the best but it is very solid in all regards.
Can't help with the Usher CD info, sorry.

The Shaw on Telarc is a classic. I am fond of a more recent performance by the Atlanta Symphony with Runnicles, the soloists do very well and the recording quality is remarkable.

It's a nice piece to show off your stereo, no doubt.
Lots of options. Muti, Slatkin, among others. But if you can see it live as a ballet with full chorus, orchestra and soloists. . . it is amazing.
I have both those as well as several others [ Ormandy and PSO, etc] My favorite is the original version on Harmonia Mundi.
My go to version was always Eugen Jochum conducting the Chorus and Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper, Berlin. That was on vinyl. I don't think it made the transfer to CD (DG 423886-2) extremely well, so when I do listen to it I reach for the LP. On CD I stumbled upon Thielemann conducting the same chorus and orchestra and also on DG (#289 453 587-2). I find it a very fresh and engergized performance.
The Robert Shaw / Atlanta Symphony one is also available on SACD. I have it and like it, but I can't compare it with other versions, since I don't have any others.

Thanks to each of you. I appreciate your sharing the performances you have learned about over the years.

I'm going to go for the Harmonia Mundi version on LP and the Shaw version for CD.

Best to Everyone,

There is a great one from the 80s by Ricardo Chailly, I think with a German orchestra, don't remember the label. But it is an excellent performance.
Great question! Favorite versions (alphabetical by orchestra);

Atlanta/Shaw, Telarc (SACD and FIM UltraHD)
Atlanta/Runnicles, Telarc SACD
Berlin/Jochum, DG CD
Belin/Ozawa, Philips CD
Berlin/Rattle, DVD
Berlin/Thielmann, DG DVD-Audio
Boston/NECC/Ozawa, RCA CD
Chicago/Levine, DG CD
Cleveland/Tilson-Thomas, Sony CD
Houston/Stokowski, EMI CD
London/Hickox, Chandos SACD
London/Metha, Teldec DVD-A
London/Previn, Hi-Q XRCD24
Philadelphia/Ormandy, Sony SACD
Philharmoia/Muti, Seraphim CD
San Francisco/Bloomstedt, Decca CD