Best jvc xrcds.....

ANy votes?
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I have a few, they are very good, and this is coming from a vinyl guy...

Terry Evans- puttin it down
Might Sam McLain - give it up to love
Bill Evans - interplay
Patricia Barber- Companion
Gary Karr- Super Double Bass
Jazz at the Pawnshop
Lightnin' Hopkins- Goin' Away

Another great thing about XRCD (all versions) is I can rip them to lossless FLAC (unlike SACD's).
bartok concerto, Fritz Reiner.
How My Heart Sings - Bill Evans
Sonny Rollins in Japan
Settin' the Pace - John Coltrane
Echoes of a Friend - McCoy Tyner
Gino d'Auri Flemenco Passion This is simply the best guitar CD I've ever heard.