Best Joni Mitchel Album

Wanted to collect a few as I seem to be into female voices lately. Was wondering what you guys thought some of her best works were? Thanks in advance.

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I really like her live double album "Miles of Aisles". It incorporates alot of stuff off of years of studio albums. She does a real good job with the live performances.

Also, there is a CD compilation called Joni Mitchell "Hits" that has the song "Urge for Going" that was never released on any album. It is worth getting that song, if you're a Joni fan.
Ditto: Blue and Court and Spark

also a personal favorite is Ladies of the Canyon which is very simple and quiet with thoughtful little melodies, a real gem IMO.

I remember TAS liking Wild Things Run Fast for the music and sound quality but probably not what you are looking for as it is as close to a rock album as she made.
Ditto Elizabeth et al...Blue and Court and Spark are the two best in my opinion.

Tough to get any better than Carey and California off of Blue (especially the gold CD on a good system)...though top to bottom, i may prefer Court and Spark ever so slightly.
For me, it's "Miles of Aisles" and "Hejira" I just love listening to Jaco on that album. No flies on a really good pressing of "Blue" either.
As a long time Joni Mitchell fan ( I first saw her in 1967) it's always hard to pick the "Best" album but I find myself playing "Hejira" more than the rest. It came out in 1976 and was recorded quite well, as a matter of fact I use two tracks, Song For Sharon and Amelia to evaluate equipment changes in my system. There is wonderful delicate guitar playing on both tracks as well as Joni's beautiful clear voice that changes into smokey blues on other tracks. The remastered HDCD is quite good but the lp is King or in this case, Queen. Joni Mitchell is an artist, songwriter, musician, poet and arguably one of the best.
Hissing of Summer Lawns
Court & Spark

... all on vinyl, of course.

I have a thing about playing Hejira, I play it during the first snowfall of the year. Somehow seems appropriate. I have the Nautilus "Court and Spark" also my favorite. Hejira and Court and Spart are my two favorites. I have a Japanese pressing of Hejira, too bad MFSL didn't do a vinyl pressing of it.
Hejira, Blue and her first, the underappreciated Song to a Seagull. I've always thought of Court and Spark as her pop sellout album. Agree with Rec about Song to Sharon as a system eval favorite. And I think it's her greatest song, too.
I love her "Mingus" album. Moody jazz and mind blowing bass ala Jaco Pastorius. "Blue", "Ladies of the Canyon", "Court and Spark", "Don Juan's Restless Daughter" are essential Joni...
If you're gonna get just one, go for Miles of Aisles. Good cross-section of her work up to that point, GREAT band, good live recording.
Wonderful Joni Mitchell fans. But it took until the 12th post to get the real jewel of her crown: For The Roses. Thanks to Musicslug for opening the door.

Kind of agree on Court and Spark -- a bit sellout but really entertaining. Blue is in a class by itself but not at the level of For the Roses. As for Hissing of Summer Lawns -- solid but not on the top tier.

For the Roses -- contents: Neil Young angst (Blonde in the Bleachers); fame angst (Judgment of Moon and Stars; more romance angst (Woman of Heart and Mind) and some truly edgy stuff (Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire). I realize I'm in a minority here but the lyrics and chord work of this album are worth taking the time to really listen to.

Anway, JM2C. If you have to listen to in on digital -- find yourself an HDCD decoder and the HDCD version. Otherwise -- vinyl all the way.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

The "Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire" on Miles of Aisles is one of my favorites. "For The Roses" is like "Blue": stripped down, clean, almost forcing you to really listen to what she has to say in those lyrics of hers. Joni Mitchell is a poet for the ages...
Here, here Slipknot, Here, here.

BTW: Vocally off of the For the Roses album she poses some real interesting challenges to the crossovers in any speaker you wish to audition. There is also that wonderful potential to demonstrate what "digititis" is when components and cables reveal too much of what the digital realm hath wrought. That's why I use this album (aside from the fact that I know what it's supposed to sound like off vinyl) for all equipment auditions. When it comes off right, the experience for me is literally a "hair on the back of your neck standing" experience.

#1 "Court and Spark" My German CD pressing somehow still beats my gold DCC and the HDCD versions. Maybe because it's so raw and real?!

#2 "The Hissing Of Summer Lawns" Can anyone explain why this hasn't been given THE treatment by anyone?!

#3 "For The Roses" Some of the greatest lyrics of any period.
Blue is her best. No discussion required. It can put you in a trance because it is so beautiful.

I also love Hejira. Different, but sounds great.
Thanks folks. I already had Court & Spark and love it. Last night I picked up Hejira for $6.99 new for a remastered copy at the local shop I usually go to. Would have got Miles of Aisles too but forgot my 20% coupon at home. Thanks all. By the way I just love Hejira! Sound is fantastic.
One of my favorite artists of all time. +1 on "Urge for Going" what a great song! Recent LP reissues sound very good so highly recommended. I'd suggest starting with "Clouds" and exploring the arc of her career. She is one of those artists who evolve in such a compelling way. As for favorites, so hard to choose but...

For the Roses: Only title not reissued on LP for some reason. Would love to get this on vinyl. The CD remaster is good though (Joe Gastwirt I think?)

Blue: Very close second. Amazing music--dark, dark, dark.

Court and Spark: Lyrically maybe the strongest of her work. "Peoples Parties" just says it all about the LA scene.

HIssing of Summer Lawns: Some clunkers mixed in with others that have a tremendous vibe. Great bass guitar as well.

I'll stop here--they are all great!
I have most of her recordings (CD), I especially enjoy Don Juans Reckless Daughter for its' uniqueness compared to her other music