Best jazz either purchased or released in 2001

As the year ends, I was reviewing the jazz CDs and LPs I've acquired this year and deciding on my favorites. I realized that I could widely expand this list by asking other Audiogoners to contribute their listings too! What is (are) the best recordings you've bought this year? They can be old recordings you just discovered this year or recordings released in '01. For myself, for starters, Bill Frisell's Blues Dream; Shelley Manne at the Manne Hole vols. 1-5; and Paul Desmond, Best of, bought used at a used CD shop. Thanks for any and all contributions, and Happy New Year!
Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson (Verve Master Edition), great playing and amazing sound! I also second Bill Frisell Blues Dream or anything by Frisell, for that matter.
Wes Montgomery Impressions: The Verve Jazz Sides double disc, with the entire Smokin' at the Half Note included.
Great stuff!
Jane Monheit's Dreamland
Hands down: Charles Lloyd's "The Water is Wide" (2000). An excellent recording with Brad Meldhau on piano and the late Billy Higgins on drums. I believe it was a Stereophile Recording of the month and I expect it to age well. Happy New Year!
Ditto on Charles Lloyd's "The Water is Wide" ..probably one of the best recordings of the past few months. I understand he has a new recording out ...will definitly pick it up
Miles Davis "In A Silent Way Sessions" - it's even available on vinyl from mosaic (but be prepared for tape hiss from the masters..)
Try Bill Cunliffe- Bill Plays Bud on the Naxos Jazz label #86024-2, Canadian Pressing, very musical and dynamic.
Top five for 2001 in no particular order:
Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown, Emarcy Re-issue
Ken Vandermark: Acoustic Machine, Atavistic
Dave Holland: Not for Nothin', ECM
John Zorn: The Big Gundown (Reissue). Tzadik
Peter Brotzmann: Die Like a Dog Quartet "From Valley to Valley", Emerite.

Not your typical "audiophile" list, now is it?
Ella and Louis (Verve Master Edition) (2000) this 96/24 digital transfer was originally recorded in 1956! Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong demonstrate why they have become legend; Oscar Peterson on piano, Ray Brown on bass and Buddy Rich on drums... Fuggitaboutit!
Hyperion with Higgins is Lloyd's latest, and less accessible to my ears than the wonderful Water is Wide.
I perhaps need to give it some time. The mix is definitely pushed up on Higgins' drumset.

Regina Carter with Kenny Barron (Freefall) is amazing.
Didier Lockwood's Tribute to Stephane Grapelli (2000) is still a recent favorite.
Charlie Haden's well-reviewed latest is also requiring several listenings for me to get it.
Sonny Rollins' This Is What I Do doesn't move me (anyone want it for a fiver?).
Happy New Year to all!
As good as The Water is Wide is, and it is, Hyperion For Higgins refuses to take a back seat, particularly after repeated listenings. This is a fabulous CD, especially given the songs are ostensibly outtakes from the "Water" sessions. An oldie that's new to me and ranks as my best purchase for 2001 is Leroy Vinnegar "Walking The Basses". The thing smokes. Danke JT. The title escapes me, but the new Eric Reed is frighteningly good, right out of the gate. Biggest surprise of the year.
A tribute to Julie Lodon, features Doreen Smith(vocal)

This from a small canadian label, probably one of my reference CD due to the quality of the recording. Excellent jazz and just a perfect soft cd that "layers" the instruments...

Highly recommended !
I third Blues dream. In fcat the new one by Bill Frisell is also equally or better: 'Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and elvin jones' . This is off the subject but Bob Dylan's new Love and theft is really good. I refused to stop inbetween. I heard Cyprus Chestnuts new at Tower listening station and that thing Rocks. Have to pick it up.
Cacahito for Latin jazz and Philadelphia Experiement for some funk, and the Hawk in Hi Fi for classic.
Thanks, everyone, for your excellent and wide-ranging responses. So far, I've used up BOTH my gift certificates. I got about 13 of the recommendations I received here. So far, without having listened to them all, I esp. love Charles Lloyd, someone I had never heard of before; Joey Baron (GREAT!!); John Scofield; Dave Holland; Oscar Peterson meets Ben Webster; Charlie Hayden; and David Murray. Each of these discs bears repeated listening. I'm really enjoying each one! Yesterday (Sunday) was a great day for jazz listening and I got through about 9 of the CDs I've recently purchased. Again, thanks to all who responded w/such thoughtful recommendations.