Best Jazz Albums

Here's a list of the best jazz albums by decade and individual years as compiled by somebody I've never heard of. As with any list of this type it's open to disagreement, but it's a good starting point particularly for someone just getting into the music.

I have absolutely no idea who Piero Scaruffi is, but I do know that he has good taste in movies. On one of his other list, and there are several, he rates "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" as the 9th greatest film of all time. The man clearly knows something about something.
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George Benson - Bad Benson is one of my favs.

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For info about Scaruffi, click here:

For info about the best jazz albums, I'd refer to the annual "best" lists on Downbeat and Jazziz.
Can't say I agree with his picks for "best of the decade".
Not one of Miles' comeback titles in the 80's?? for best of the 70's he picks Weather Report's "I sing the body electric"... my LEAST favorite Weather Report (after Mr. Gone) recording. Not one Keith Jarrett? Checking his 60's list I think I see where he's coming from: Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders and George Russell.
I think jazz is too big a category to get into 'best' lists. everyone has their preferred area - big band, swing, dixieland, bebop, free jazz, vocals etc. It makes more sense to figure out what pulls your chain, then find others who are into that particular area, then get their 'best' list. a free jazz fan's 'best' llist is going to be a very different animal than a big band affecianado!
Plenty of books with listings of albums rated.
My favorite is All Music Guide to Jazz. Reissued in 2004, it has brief bios, and the albums (at the time) available from that artist, (and a few out of production from LP!)
Rated and a commentary on most.
The 'stars' rating system and the review do not always totally agree, but it makes it more interesting!
You can also go to AllMusic. com for a look at any artist you could think of.
For the 70's he has alot of Creed Taylor and Don Sebesky arranged crap. Blah! This ain't jazz it's schlock.
"My favorite is All Music Guide to Jazz. Reissued in 2004" - Elizabeth

Do you have a link to this. I can't find it on I am interested in checking it out.

Try the link You might want to check out Scott Yanow's books on Swing and Bebop. He is selective in what albums he recommneds and rates each on a 1 to 9 scale. Yanow is one of the main reviewers in the All Music Guide. I generally find his ratings to be very accurate.

There is also the 101 Best Jazz Albums by Len Lyons. It's where I got my first recommendations.

I liked the Scaruffi list. He obviously has a penchant for avante garde music. But everyone has their own slant on jazz. It's an art, not a science.

Amhad Jamal - At The Pershing
My personal favorites out of my cd collection, I would say Patricia Barber's Modern Cool and Campanion; Big Phat Band Swinging For The Masses"; Diana Krall "The Girl In The Other Room"; Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" and "Porgy and Bess"; Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald "Porgy and Bess"; John Coltrane "The Ultimate Blue Train"; Getz/Gilberto "Jazz Samba"; John McLaughlin, Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola "Guitar Trio";
ok. Here are a FEW:

John Coltrane: A love supreme
John COltrane: Crescent
Miles Davis: In a silent way
Pat Metheny: 80/81
Pat Metheny: New Chautagua
Pat Metheny: One quiet night
Ed Blackwell Project: WHat it is
anything by Chris Potter - especially Gratitude
MIngus - mid 60's
Monk mid 60's
MIles 60's quintet boxset
Audiotomb is right ... Chris Potter deserves both attention and recognition. Rather than name the same names, try Marcus Miller, and some of the Dulfer work is exquisite, too.