Best isolation under a big receiver ?

I have found the gingko cloud to be great under my cd player, and am perfectly satisfied with it. But i have nothing under my big b&k avr307 receiver except the shelf it sits on. I know it is not as sensitive as my source, but i would still welcome your thoughts.
im using a pioneer 1250 and getting good results with a large bamboo butcher block....get those speaker cables off the ground too
I found Herbie's Tenderfeet made a nice difference under my tube integrated. If your receiver is over about 45 pounds you'll need something more heavy-duty though.
Receiver weighs 60 lbs, and my cables are already off the floor. I am a little leery of hardwood slabs due to reports of dynamics being killed.
I've been using Brightstar under my Integrated and my CD player with (IMHO) spectacular results since day one use and it is sonic improvements that you can hear!
Just picked up am AVR 307
I'm a newb, so what I'm gathering is I should put a large wooden block under this receiver and it will improve the sound along with getting the cables off the ground?
Timtim, there's not hard & fast rule for isolation. different solutions work for different people. For example, I have my amp sitting on its factory feet but I've got the amp sitting on my home-made amp stand which is a sandwich of hard maple & granite.
What I might also suggest is that you open up the amp & apply vibration damping sheets (can get these at Parts Express or a local car audio shop) to as much of the internal metal chassis as possible - vertical inside walls, underside of top plate, any exposed metal on the bottom plate. This damps the chassis & prevents it from ringing.
Try different isolation platforms - hardwoods are better (hence my choice of hard maple). Granite is also good but make sure that it is not suspended in air where it can ring (as it rings pretty good!). Damp the underside of granite with a cork sheet.
Thank You for your response

I have been researching this on AG since first reading this thread!
If you don’t want to spring for a Symposium platform. I like a hard maple platform with cones under the component. I’ve found it opens up the sound while enhancing detail.
Amazing that it helps that much
My background is live sound. The fact that they make combo amps with the amp inside the speaker cab and assuming these principles apply to all amps in general really baffles me. They would design and sell these combos for thousands without properly dampening the amps. We often place our amps on top of our cabs. I play bass guitar and to think I have been potentiay killing my tone does not make me happy.

Maybe with live sound it's not as important but after researching these principles and the lengths audiophiles go through to dampen with the results that are gained really opened my eyes to this issue!
SYMPOSIUM is the best if you want cheap which sounds cheap get wood.