Best isolation platform for a turntable with suspension?

Hey all,

I have an Avid Volvere turntable which has a spring suspension system. Sounds great!

But - my rack isn’t the best. Since Corona and inertia are making upgrading my rack impractical right now, I was thinking I could improve things by putting the Avid on an isolation platform.

My question: since the table already has suspension, what should I look for in an isolation platform? High-mass rigid platform like a Mapleshade? Mass + a different type of isolation like the Isoacoustics Delos? Low-mass but high-rigidity like a BDR shelf + BDR cones?

I have my Basis TT on top of a large BDR shelf.

My reference TT without suspension rests FLAT on top of a CMS shelf, it works great.

Good luck,
I use  marble  I got from local counter top guy...I love it.
I was having vibration problems with my turntable lying upon a Levon equipment rack which is pretty sturdy but the floor is synthetic wood on I imagine concrete as it is the first floor of a three floor apartment complex . Even though my turntable is the suspensionless type very small movements on the base of the Levon would be picked up by the turntable smearing and distorting the sound . 

I'm on a  fixed income being retired so I was looking for an inexpensive solution if there was one . Saw at Walmart a wooden butchers block think it is maple about 1 1/2" thick and long and wide enough to acomodate my turntable with some space to put my turntable accesories as cleaning brush and what have you . They whole affair for 15.00 on special I admit .

Got me some Sorbothane round pucks , 6 of them for 32.00 dollars ( googled it and found them ) . Took the pucks and accomodated them two at the time in a triangular configuration under the butchers block .

Behold a miracle happened . Now I can literally strike with force the base of the Levon with absolutely no problem . The turntable is now totally inmune to vibrations . All for less then 50.00 dollars , and it looks good as the block looks as if it were made for the turntable .

I don't know if it will work with a suspension turntable but the physics involved tells me it should . Take care and let us know how you solved the problem . Stay face brother .
Home Depot or Loews,

buy a 12x12 or larger or the size u need, slab of granite, or a piece of  tile 2-3 inches thick, and done!
 Cheap and is sturdy for a TT!

 I have a recently new marble slab cut to perfection, at 15x15 for my SL-12OO mkII. 

 Or hit a home decor place like bed, bath n beyond and pick up a nice 4 inch cutting board (maybe 50-70$) for a nice one.

I use two 4 inch cutting boards which I sanded a little bit, stained then with cherry stain, And use for amp stands, they look great, as wood is always in style!
as is a 3-4 inch slab of granite, or marble, or anything heavy which don’t let vibrations in.


If you have not come across the CS2 footers from Critical Mass Systems, it may be worth your while to do so.  I have used almost every vibration reduction tech around.  These make the rest look like toys....let's say in my opinion it's not even possible to make comparisons.

Downside: they take 300 hours to 'burn in'
Sound awful first few days, till they settle into full isolation mode for your specific room/equipment.  I don't understand how this happens, it's something to do with entropy!

Once it does though,  it's as if you suddenly doubled or trebled the money spent on your system.