Best Isolation HRS? SRA? Zoethecus? Symposium?

I'm using a non audiophile rack for my system because it goes with the decor. Will an isolation device still make a difference. If so which one please?
Elberoth2, yours is the question that divides different solutions. Goldmund strongly advocates grounding to the earth. Soft mounts, such as magnetic, spring, rubber, and bladder isolations, however, seek to isolate the components from vibrations through the shelves and floors. Vibrations can come from the sound through the floor or though the air, from the component it self moving with the music reaching it or from ac or motor vibrations within it, or from vibrations reaching the equipment from outside.

I think the only real answer to your question is: both. I know of few real solutions to both.
Tbg -> can you name those solutions ?
What's wrong with you people? This forum has turned into a character bashing contest. If any of you would go back and read Adog's posts, it's impossible to conclude that he's the monster you've made him out to be. Clearly, he is NOT the one with the "axe to grind," as one of you accused. This forum has turned into a high school clique of little girls - mean-spirited and unhelpful. In the spirit of total disclosure, I'm not a dealer. I am a customer of High Water Sound, but I'm also a past customer of Sounds of Silence, of Audio Advancements, of Music Direct, and so on. Steve Klein sold me Kondo interconnects. Thank you, Steve. He also told me about the virtues of the Vibraplane. High Water Sound also tried to sell me the Vibraplane when he had three of them in his system. In my world, however, $5000 for a single isolation device is ridiculously stupid, no matter how good it is. I bought an eight shelf finite-element master reference rack instead for roughly the same amount. In my experience, I've never heard any of these reputable "dealers" trash other dealers, at least not to me. So, stick to the subject and stop acting like you're in junior high school. Or shut up!
Mrdavid, I think the thread is long past what you are concerned about. Perhaps, Avphile reintroduced it.

Elberoth2, I hesitate to suggest various active isolators because of their cost, but they are the only solutions I know of. I have also found the Acapella base to be capable of isolating the component as well as absorbing the component originating noise. It pales in comparison to the active units. Yes, I use the expensive Halcyonic Micro 40 under my turntable.
Tbg - I think that absorption is not exactly the same as coupling to the ground. What we would need here, is not absorption, but some kind of mechanical diode (if such a thing exists) which would only let the vigrations travel in one way (from equipment to ground).

BTW - did you have a chance to compare Halycronics to Minus K platforms ? Is Halycronics weight specific (like Minus K) ?