Best Isolation for stand mount speakers

I am finding that careful use of isolation devices can bring my modest equipment to levels of performance far beyond what I expected, and though some of these devices are not cheap I, so far, find that the cost of sonic improvement is less than significant upgrades in major components. That being said I am pretty frugal and do not like throwing money around in search of the Holy Grail of musical bliss. I am looking at the possibility of some type of isolation cones, other, for my little Dynaudio's. They are currently on very solid, heavy stands. I've considered Herbie's pads, Ceraballs, Nordost, and perhaps Stillpoints but the cost makes me twinge a little for two sets. I would appreciate others experiences and inputs. Thanks.
I have been using a pair of Sistrum 004 stands for my Virgo Floorstander speakers. I have been completely blown away by the improvements. My audiophile buddy, upon trying the stands, also purchased a pair. Even getting the audiopoints would likely be a great upgrade. I juct purchased a new pair of speakers - Acuhorn Biancore 155. My Sistrums will be too small for those, but I intend to get a lend of my friends pair too, and try two on each speaker - I'm guessing they will enhance the sound so much that I'll need to buy a second pair and use them. Will see how it goes though. Like you said - in my experience, the improvement was well worth the relatively small expense.
I second the Sistrums. Their points are wonderful too, but the Sistrum system has all the points work together rather than individually. Significant sound effect
Something cheap.

Use under your speaker (standmound) 3 Jenga pieces over the stand , especially if the stand is from iron or other metal (usual). Works especially with small speakers and is almost for free.
I third the Sistrums. Their website is I believe that you can call and audition them before you buy.
I use vibrapods under my monitors. Great isolation. I was surprized as heck, but I also get terrific clarity. Deep bass gets a little boost (good thing for me), but with terrific solidity too. Others will disagree, but I've been running this way for a year and a half and love it.
i 4th the sistrum's although i use the sp-101's under my floor standing speakers...they are superb...calloway
Blue Tak.

This is one product that has withstood the test of time!

Blue Tak is critically damped (it doesn't resonate at all) and it sticks to all kinds of surfaces, often without leaving a mark.

It is ideal for many audio applications and some will even go as far as to call it "the duct tape of audiophiles"

It is also use copious amounts and any left over can be used to block your spouse's ears so that you can enjoy a really rocking good listening session!

see this link

Good luck and have fun!
I tried Blue-tac and with my speakers it really blurred things. Didn't sound good, similar to the little neoprene pads that came with my Lovan stands. Best clarity was Audiopoints .2's and Vibrapods.
I 5th the Sistrums. I use the SP-101 under speakers, amps, pre, and CDP. Amazing product and exceptional service from Robert.