Best isolation device for a tube pre-amp

What is the best way to isolate a tube pre-amp?
On a concrete base going directly into the ground, inside a soundproof room! You asked....

Seriously, probably the best overall approach is one of the isolation platforms with the inflatable bladders, on a good rigid rack, plus damping rings on the tubes themselves.
I've heard great things about the symposium rollerblocks are the aurios mibs. I have the rollerblocks under my cd player...major improverment. DH cones and pads under preamp currently. They help alot...don't know if they qualify as best though...
They may not be current state-of-the-art, but the Townshend sinks are very good.
I got a very good improvement in mid-range clarity when I put a Townshend Seismic sink under my tube pre-amp. There was no downside to doing this, and the sink was much better than Vibrapods. The Seismic Sink is an air bladder type of platform like that mentioned by Karls above.

But interestingly, when I put the "sinks" under my Levinson transport and DAC, it badly screwed up PRaT. Cheers. Craig
Vibrapods are your best bet for the Buck.If you want .00675% improvent spend 300+ extra bucks on Rolerblocks.I dont think its worth it but.Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
I have used black diamond racing cones MKIII with very good effect ,tighteng up the low end more focus else where,then as my system was upgraded in several areas I found an unnatural hardening in the sound in that set up.Now I am using a $3, 12" bicycle tube with a corion shelf on top, best results with pre on it's original feet.This works well for tube pre but the best yet is SOLID TECH'S SILENT FEET under the CD player (could be used for pre as well but with diminishing cost/effect returns),look for major increases (all good)with this set up .oh ya all this is best on a cement foor.
tried the bicycle innertube sandwich that raved about and it was TERRIBLE. bass was slow & muddy.

everything improved substantially when i put hard cones under the pre which sits on an MDF shelf on a rack. look at blackdiamondracing and TG audio for starts and use a weight on top the pre as well...that ought to isolate it very well w/ no adverse effects.
I agree with Rhyno on this one, as I use Nordost Pulsar Points under with lead weights on top of the pre. All on a 1.5" MDF shelf; increased width, hieght, depth, brought things into focus; but most importantly increased micro and macro dynamics, which brought the performance to "life"; helped me connect more. Increasing the PRAT and boogie factor helped me connect more as well. I haven't heard the titanium versions, but the aluminum PP's worked wonders. PP's and MDF are great combo. Tg Audio's cones (also aluminum) I bet would work well also. Perhaps with the points up if mass loaded?
Use a good,solid stand.For tubes get Black Diamond Racing Cones #4's For S.S. try the #3'sI tried Vibra-Pods,stock feet and J.A.Mitchell cones.The best by far were the B.D.R. cones.They opened up the soundstage,deepened and tightened bass and just sounded nicer overall.You can pick up 3 here on AudiogoN for $45 used.. $60 new.....dave99
An empty box Of Montecrosto #4 works well.Put the cigars in the Humidor and fill the box with silica sand.Place it on top of the pre amp.Works great.
Aurios MIB by a long shot. And while you're at it bypass any crappy mdf shelf with a maple cutting board or block of maple.