Best isolation device

I am currently running a tube pre and solid state amp. I am trying to decide on a set of feet to set them on. The problem is that I have a glass and steel belo rack. Wife. I am not sure I will have enough clearance for a platform as well the cones. I have considered black diamond and mapleshade. I just want something that will work on glass. Thanks for the help.
Here are a few to consider/research, Polycrystal cones inverted, Ceraballs, Feet of Silence, Aurios, Darumas.
I fear that the glass shelves should be adressed first.Any chance of getting custom wood shelves made to fit the rack?
Having said that,I prefer brass feet-Star Sound,Mapleshade,Walker and assorted machinists here at AudioGon.
Aurios or Darumas - float those components or replace those shelves.
I agree that those glass shelves must go!!! Glass sounds awful due to significant resonance glare issues; same problem with those glass front doors on equipment racks.
Vibrapods and Vibracones work great with glass shelves. Go to and check out the Vibrapod sandwich.
As anticipated, the glass shelves have turned the stomachs and raised the hairs of my fellow agonr's. Should I threaten my wife with divorce? Without the shelves, what is best? Thanks for the great input.
You could get custom shelves done such as Neuance.

I haven't tried them yet but plan to for my CDP.

Naim makes a highly regarded shelving system that uses glass shelves as do others. There are many misconceptions in this hobby. "Glass shelves are evil" is one of them.

Unfortunately the best feet for your combination of shelving and equipment can only be determined by trial and error. Buy stuff used so you can resell what doesn't work and have fun experimenting.
I use the ISODES polymer feet with my gear(also have a bello rack). If I am not mistaken, the ISONodes were a recommended tweak by stereotimes were well receiive by various reviewers. The manufacture of the product is Brightstar

Good luck
Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) M3. By far the best I have heard. I have one under my preap and one under my digital source. Not cheap but occ a used one comes up on AG

Read the reviews:
If you must stay with glass shelving you could replace it with safety glass, as in windshield glass. It's a laminate which should help dampening. Acrylic would be an even better replacement...
My experience has led me to the conclusion that there is no such thing as "the best" isolation device that works well in all systems in all situations. There are just too many variables involved to extrapolate the results from one system to all others. Isolation feet that work well under a turntable on a glass shelf in a rack sitting on a cement basement slab may not sound good at all under a CD player on an MDF shelf in a rack on a joisted floor three flights up in a 150 year old house. Unfortunately there's no substitute for trial and error.
Bob_bundus, how do glass doors affect resonant glare?

MANA uses glass shelves to great effect. I would recommend thick (at least 1/4") tempered glass. Like anything in audio, try it, you might like it.