Best isolation cones

Wanting to purchase some new isolation cones for my amp and Oppo 105. See Nordost isolation cones however wondered if they are really worth the extra money or are there any alternatives? One of the things I don't like about Nordost cost is how high they make your unit sit. Also I have seen other isolation components like Vibrapods or Pangea audio Mega feet at a fraction of the price.

Advice please

No question about it, the NASA grade ceramic Super DH (diamond Hardness) Cones from Golden Sound.
I've tried all of above, Nordost AC cones worked better under my amp than any. Didn't do much for pre. I have 4 of the BC 's coming and I'm not rich.
Truth be told , I have taken giant hard rubber bouncy balls from the toy store and cut them in a little bean bag weight (from dive store) on top of the unit and WALLA! it works well. That's if you really don't want to spend money on these tweaks. Now, there are a bunch of expensive ball bearing oil cone feet you can get....but you might try the Brass footers from I use these big brass feet under my Manley Jumbo Shrimp and it works very well, also, They don't cost a ton either. I use 3 of them.
Your points are valid Mattmiller.
I can only say The 3 Nordosts replaced 3 large Mapleshade triple-points under my amp and are clearer and with more open soundstage.
Not night and day mind you, but enough for me to order 4 of the next up BC cones. Whether its worth the money is an individual decision, the Mapleshades are good.
I use the Big brass feet not the triple points. also, its for my tube preamp not amp, my amp is way to heavy to put feet under it. just for the info. I would love to play around with a set of those Nordost feet tho.
4 Nordosts will take 200 lbs easy, probably a lot more.
I ordered the BC's for my pre, hope I did right.
I prefer Herbie's Tenderfeet. His stuff is proprietary (you can't go to a store and buy a cheaper alternative) and varies from product to product depending on application. They isolate, absorb and can deflect small caliber bullets.

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Try Symposium Roller Block JR HDSE its much better more neutral sounding with much better isolation.
Nonoise, I have lots of Herbies, Nordosts are better.
Herbies are good though, best for the buck out there .
moongel pads
Schubert, you might be onto something. In the past I've always used Herbies with great results. The components used were of moderate weight and benefited from the Tenderfeet. Being so heavy, I just plunked my Marantz reference amp and SACD player on my maple rack as is and was satisfied for the last years or so. For an experiment today I put some large Tenderfeet under the SACD player and the highs got a bit muted and the overall sound became veiled: the exact opposite of what I've experienced in the past (insert head scratching here).

Someday I may check out the Nordost BC cones but I'm getting such great sound with the heavier stuff just sitting on the maple stand. That, and I don't want to mar the surface of Chris's work (Timbernation).

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Scratch that (no pun intended) as I just saw an image of the BC cones and see how they wouldn't mar any surface.
No noise, there is an "Extra Firm" model of Herbies Tenderfeet that I have used with success under 90 pound mono blocks. Those are supposed to be effective under components weighing up to 220 pounds.
Hi Guys,

Wow lots of advice and I will check out the other brands as although Nordost may be good I just can't get over the size of the cones but this is something I may be willing to overcome if it sounds better.
Inexpensive footers that I have recently purchased are the footers from Mad Science Audio and the new footers from Econotweeks. Both made audible improvements in sound to my system
MItch2, yes, I have both the small and large Tenderfeet and it was the larger and more solid one that I tried and I wasn't prepared for the lessening of the sound. It never happened before and all I can think of is that the Marantz units that I have are so solidly built, including the attached footers (which are as solid as all get out having only a thin pad of sorts for the base) that they obviate the need for aftermarket footers.

It could be that Ken Ishikawa really thought this one out. If anyone else has a well built unit that didn't benefit from aftermarket footers, please let us know so I know that I'm not imagining this. :-)

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Nonoise, you are not dreaming, I have about 40 pieces of Herbie's and his TT mat.
As in all brands, sound good with this and bad with that.
We don't even know the variables, much less understand them.
Fun of hobby is trying stuff,hard on wallet though !
Has anyone tried or considered the BDR, Black Diamond Racing, carbon fiber Cones and Pucks, etc?
I placed some of the Nordost Sort Kone TC under an Art Audio Vinyl One phono preamp and they made an easily audible improvement.
You need to try a bunch of different cones. They don't all sound the same. Sometimes you get lucky and they don't make any difference at all.

Regardless, I use Cable Company for this. They sent me a whole assortment of cones to try first. I ended up liking Polycrystal and DH cones the best.
I am using herbies tenderfeet on my OPPO 105.
Cardas wood blocks were a disaster (sympathetic resonance with the drive went out of control), therefore I would tend to recommend against solid supports like cones. I removed the OPPO feet and placed the 4 tenderfeet in the vacated locations. If you dont like them, herbie has a 90 day return guarantee.
For those who recognize that isolation will only exist in the absense of matter the same people may also recognize the products and methods described above only change the material Q of the chassis placed on top of the so called isolation device. Pick your color or flavor of the day, add your spice or take it away. Isolation if it were possible would have no descriptive adjective attached.Tom
Tom wrote,

"Isolation will only exist in the absence of matter."

Now you tell us!
"Isolation if it were possible would have no descriptive adjective attached.Tom "

Of course. If isolation were possible, we wouldn't even be talking about it.
Theaudiotweak is correct, but as I don't have absolute hearing its not too important.
If isolation didn't exist would man have to create it? One wonders, did 50,000 audiophiles get hoodwinked into purchasing isolation devices since the advent of Seismic Sink and Vibraplane 20 years ago? That would be one big honking scam.
FWIW, I received my 4 BC Kones today and put them under my
EE Advant 8 tube pre that AC's had done little or nothing for.
Wham-Oh slamo, good jump on what was already a very good sound.
Esp. harmonics .
Has anyone tried SC-35 Oriton cones?
I use 4 Stillpoints Ultra Mini's under my Oppo 103 with great success. Absolutely love these feet! The Ultra Mini's replaced a set of 3 Alto Extremo Lyd 1's.
I use the Stein Music Super Naturals + (wood, ceramic and silver) and Super Naturals Signature ( wood, ceramis and gold). They are great sounding. I've been told the Black Ravioli are in some occasions better and lesser cost. I'll give them a try soon.
I've tried a number of 'em, including various Herbie's gizmos, BDR's, Tip Toes, large brass spikes, and more, including a few home made configurations and ball-bearing based design called Aurios.

I wish I could determine a clear winner. I cannot.

Sometimes all of this tweaking gets very tiring, and I long for the days when I'd turn on my stereo system, plop a record on the TT and simply enjoy the music. :)

Ahh, audiophiliaÂ….
I have had good success with the Black Diamond racing cones, but have never tried the Nordosts.
For those having problems hearing the difference here's the list from best to worst. Your results might vary.

NASA grade ceramics
Tempered high carbon steel cones
Aluminum cones
Brass cones
Carbon fiber cones
Rubber and Sorbothane
Herbies Tenderfoot (firm) better than BDR #4 under my tubed preamp.
No ones uses the Black Ravioli ?
Hi Geoffkait:
Assurances, please. Hard data even better.

With respect, YRMV isn't good enough. :)
Not this week.
I tried green spaghetti but it was all loose amd gooey and everything fell over.
Ps, you have my personal guarantee. Isn't that good enough?
Soooo funny : lol
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