Best internet source for vinyl???

Please help me out here. I've recently got back into vinyl and bought one new lp.
A remastered 180g version of Deep Purples' Machine Head. I reluctantly paid $25 for it at a local hifi store. I was in a bit of sticker shock, but I must say it's a decent recording considering it's age. And compared to cd's average price of $15 it's really not all that bad, especially considering the artwork, liner notes, etc. I've been checking Musicdirects' site, but am already becoming frustrated with lack of titles and some of the pricing.

Also, any thoughts on standard vinyl vs. 180g vs. 200g would be greatly appreciated...
for a different perspective, go to:

Tom Port has a lot of knowledge on the subject.
I really like Acoustic Sounds, (Chad is a GREAT guy) and Classic's retail site The Music.Com
Find a vendor selling good used original pressings. Much of the new remastered stuff is crap. An original copy of Machine Head will smoke your 180 gram remaster. I stopped buying remasters almost 2 years ago due to the QPR.

I work with 4 vendors that sell top quality originals; most single records cost between $5-$8 which in comparison to the remastered 180G-200G junk is a bargain.

Take your time.
unfortunately its still ebay. the above mentioned have great service, but only carry the usual suspects.
Jaybo, I'm not talking about the vendors on Audiogon especially the guy who seems to have an endless supply of records from his "private collection".

These are other folks who don't advertise but travel the country buying and selling at record shows.

Thank you.
google 'les harris records' this guy always comes up with sealed originals and nm and m copies.