Best internet radio stations. ??

There have been threads on this before, but in this rapidly changing space, I think it is worth updating. So, please offer your suggestions for best internet radio stations by genre, programming, and audio quality.
I will offer Venice Classic Radio as a good classical radio station.

What is your favorite for classical, jazz, folk, rock, oldies, country, etc ??
Radio Paradise, eclectic (but not TOO) and cool.
Good thread. For me no collection of music or streaming service can replace an excellent dj or radio station.

Kcsm San Francisco only streams at 128 but it remains my favorite jazz station for solid straight ahead but still varied jazz. The Norwegian station nrk streams at a high rate and can play great sets although sometimes goes off into non swinging "Jazz" with electric bass - not my thing.
I can't get enough of the Deep Tracks station on Sirius. It seems like every time I listen, I hear something good I haven't heard before, and a lot of great stuff I haven't heard in too long a time. DJ's know their history, too.
I like radio tunes (old Sky fm). Their smooth jazz channels are terrific
Classical: KUAT (Univ. of AZ, Tucson) - - - great classical programming.

Jazz: WDCB (Glen Elleyn, IL) - - great stuff/savvy announcers.

KKJZ (Los Angeles) - - check out Johnny Magnus's *Swingtime* Sat. and Sun from 6 - 10 a.m. California time.

All three sound wonderful on my (several) stand-alone internet radios.
Great responses. Thanks.
Any recommendations for rock, folk, oldies ?
02-18-15: Paogorman2001
I like radio tunes (old Sky fm). Their smooth jazz channels are terrific
I also like their "Dave Koz & Friends" & "Downtempo Lounge" channels.
Mabonn - - You asked about Oldies stations. Try Topshelf Oldies when you get a chance. The DJ's are mostly "old school" and very knowledgeable. Ron Stein, who was known on Audiogon as Recordron, hosts a show on Sunday evenings - - at least, I think he still does. Haven't listened in for several months.
How is streamed sound vs. good broadcast? Does it have the same sense of air and spaciousness (I'm thinking in terms of acoustic/classical music)?