Best internet radio

I am looking for a stand-alone internet radio that connects to my LinkSys wireless router. Has anyone found a great sounding unit.
Thank you.
Internet radio.. or satellite radio (like Sirius). I know nothing about satellite radio, but iTunes has internet radio stations.

I like "Radio Paradise" myself. I think the best you can get is 128 kbps streams. I use an Airport Express linked to my router via client mode (it's a Linksys).

Hope this helps.
Thanks. Mean internet. Basically having a radio where you enter the internet address and listen to internet stations. Like the short wave with better sound quality. Thanks
doing a search using Google, here are a few to check out :
Try shoutcast com. The best i have found that has downloads for a variety of stations, some at 320 and 256 kbps.
Also wksu org for folk and classical is excellent.
#1 Check Morning becomes Eclectic Live and archives for many live guests.Expand your musicial horizons.Listen to this also:
Hey guys...I think that he is looking for a piece of hardware ! Not a website .
Perhaps the Slim Devices Duet would meet your needs.
Why don't you just get an Airport Express and attach it to some powered speakers (like AudioEngines.. or whatever) and stream from your computer. It would be like $400 tops, and if you wanted you could always get an inexpensive DAC for under a couple of hundred later to improve the sound.

Use iTunes.

It would sound a lot better and likely cheaper than a stand-alone internet "radio", if they even make them.
I am not looking for turning on the computer, waiting for Windows to boot, Open ITunes or find a web site and select the radio station.
I am looking for device that you turn a knob. Like a radio. Type in the web address of favorite web station. Connect through my cable or DSL modem/router.
There is Skype phone device - that connects through home router.
There must be a similar radio.
I see your point.

Although I pretty much leave my laptop, or my desktop when I had one, on 24/7. And with iTunes, they are already preset and categorized by genre so there are 100s of stations for all tastes. So with literally 3 taps of my trackpad, I'm rocking.

I wouldn't even know where to start looking for web addresses of internet stations...

Check out Radio Paradise though... it's in the eclectic section.. or .com.

...if you can't find a stand alone player, you have options.
I have a small Sangean WR-1 mono am/fm table radio that has very good sound. I think they have a WiFi Internet radio version as well.

I also have a Roku Soundbridge that I use as a digital wifi source for internet radio and in-house music server on my system. Roku has a similar wifi internet table radio as well, but I have never heard it so I cannot vouch for the sound quality.

Perhaps this is what you're looking for. I have absolutely no experience with it, but it has two glowing reviews on Amazon, plus one review from an unhappy customer who seemed to have problems with the Wi-Fi set up.

I'm a little bit worried about the reading comprehension of some of our fellow 'Goners, though:

Dcaudio: I am looking for a stand-alone internet radio that connects to my LinkSys wireless router.
Clueless 'Goner #1: You could get a nice vinyl set-up with an SET and a full-range driver.
Clueless 'Goner #2: How about a used piano? If you don't know how to play, you could always take lessons.
Clueless 'Goner #3: There's no substitute for live music. You should spend your money on concert tickets.

Good luck with your quest!
This looks exactly what I am looking for:
Sangean WFR-1 WIFI Internet Radio

LEt us know how the Sangean works out if you get it.

I might add one also sometime.