best internet radio ?

my wife only listens to a BBC classical station on internet radio. The unit she receives it on is a cheap reciever with a toy like speaker built in the unit . i bought her 2 Klipsh LaScalla speakers and a Decware 25 watt per channel tube amp.With this quality gear , what can I buy that gets me the BEST format for sound quality? I read about a Slim Devices Transporter that claims it IS the best, but wondered what all you thought?I know very little about this stuff and would appreciate any thoughts.This is for Christmas so please please help. Randy-Okla.
I believe MOG is the highest resolution streaming music site. I have a sonos system through an Empirical syncro-mesh reclocker out to my dac and it sounds very good. If the computer is next to the stereo you will have many more options.
they're all bad for sound quality and some of them spin sometimes good music.
How about an Apple iPOD nano, docked in a Wadia transport?
Logitech has discontinued the Squeezebox line, but some dealers still have remaining stock on the Squeezebox Touch. Awesome unit and very easy to use. You can even output the data stream to an outboard dac for greater fidelity.