Best Internal Hook Up wire

Hello guys,

I need help
Some months ago I had a problem with one of XLR of my Parasound Halo JC1's and I replaced the original Vampire Wire C-18 with Audio Note silver
I put some hours on these cables but I don't like the sound and so I want to restore the original hook up wires , I was just saying Vampire Wires C-18
I tried to order to Vampire Wire web sit but dunno why the didn't send me .. maybe because I need only 3ft. each color (red and black)
Well, now it is interesting to know if you have some better ideas about a good hook up wire for XLR since till now I can't find online this damned Vampire Wire C-18
Any easier and better choice ideas?

Thanks to EveryOne

Check Percy Audio.
DH Labs is pretty good.
Ask John Curl. He posts on
( on page 2; for the Vampire wire that you want. Michael has a minimum order of $25.00, but you're certain to find something else in his catalog that you'll find interesting/useful. Happy listening!
I am a big fan of Chris VenHaus' products at He has a variety of internal hook-up wire available, both Ag and Cu, in a several dielectrics and price points. He will provide advice, which I find to be spot-on.

Good luck.
Thanks you Guys!
Very helpful!

another vote for DH Labs