best intergrated for vandersteen 2ce sig.

ill try again accepting suggestion for the best intergrated for my vandersteen 2ce signatures , listen to jazz ,fusion thanks
I got only one good data point but its is real good one. Before I bought my Jadis Orchestra Reference, I audition JOR w/ KT90S with Vandersteen 2Ce sig with different types of music- Jazz, Raggae, Electronic, Rock, classical. In all types of music at slightly above normal listening level, the amp did great. Liquid mids, Just the right amount of highs, transperent specious, life like harmonics and tad a little round bass. At no point though the amp seemed to struggle. Now I am running JOR with my Dunlavy IVs and at normal listening level the amp just does as good or better job. Plus its looks are stunning. It is anything but black or silver rectangular box!! Highly recommended, if you are in to tubes.
I have a Rogue Cronus on the way for my Vandersteen 2Ces and will post a review with my initial impressions when it arrives.
For jazz and fusion I'd recommend Krell KAV-300i.
I used a Rogue Audio Tempest Magnum with Vandersteen 2CE's and the sound was very good. The Rogue has excellent bass control. While the treble on the Rogue can be a little bright with the wrong speakers, they are actually a very good match for the Vandersteen sound. You should have no problem driving the Vandy's with the Rogue's 60wpc.

Best of luck,
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