Best intergrated amp. for US$800

I am looking for a musical intergrated amp. pls help
Look through past postings here. The subject has been responded to repeatedly, lots of good ideas put forward
Hey guy, I just looked through the ads on this site. There is a myriad of great integrateds all of which I have listed before. There is a Densen, Classe, Sim and Niam among others. I owned a Beat 100 and loved it. Only sold to move to a Copland CTA-402 tube integrated w/phono. I highly recommend both the piece and the seller.
magnum audio (not magnum dynalab). about $700 new -- sounds unbelievable. contact elliot at acoustic image in studio city, CA (
Look at the NAD 317 -- nice unit that sounds great, plenty of power and nice remote. You can buy them new for about $600. Check out the reviews at -- Good luck.
Anything from Acurus, AMC,Anthem, Audio Refinement, Denon, Jolida, Linn, Musical Fidelity, NAD, Onkyo, etc. They may be new or used. But, there is really no big deal here, it will be easy for you. Have faith, and Good Luck.
Creek 4330R with volume remote, $595.00 list, or the 4330 without the remote, $495.00 list. These are giant killers. One reveiwer compared it favorably to the $1,600 Bryston B60. Happy auditioning!
For $800 new if sound quality is prime goal, Musical Fidelity new X-A2 is top dog, however no remote control. Just a notch below but with remotes we have NAD C370, Roksan Kandy, Creek 4330SE, Marantz PM6010, Cyrus 5
Huijames: If you want to buy the best integrated amplifier for around $800.00?? Then I have only have three suggestions: (01). The Musical Fidelity X-A2 -- $695.00 @ Audio Advisors, but like "Megasam" has said, if you want remote control though, you're going to be short. Or you can probably buy an older X-A1 at a closeout price also from Audio Advisors. But this amp (the newer X-A2) is the top dog in the $800.00 and under amplifier arena right now. (02). The Creek 4330(R).... $595.00 with remote, and $495.00 without remote (dubbed the 4330). Doesn't have much power, but it sounds awfully great. It has also been compared to other amplifiers that are 2X or 3X its price. So, it's a giant killer too (compare this thing to the Bryston B-60 ($1,600.00, more than three times the price of the Creeks), you'll know what I'm talking about). (03). The NAD C370. Nice sound, plenty of power and a remote control, all for under $600.00. And versatile too. And if you don't mind doing even a little more research, there are even alternatives from Cambridge Audio (I think that's what it is) and from Audio Refinement. Well, that ought to be enough to get you started. Good Luck..... --Charles--
Chaskelljr: Hello, have you listened to both the X-A1 and X-A2 amps? I own the X-A1 and am wondering how different the sound of the X-A2 is. I for some reason suspect that it may sound a little less warm, as this has been MF's trend with their newer products.
Dekay: I have listened to a Musical Fidelity X-A2, but not the X-A1, so I cannot comment on the X-A1. But I do hear (read seems like a better word here) that the X-A1 exhibits a less warm and more upfront sound than does the X-A2, but I cannot say that for certain. But the X-A1 is still a great amplifier. Because the X-A2 is the newer model and is replacing the X-A1, you may be able to get an X-A1 at a closeout price now at Audio Advisors. --Charles--
Hi Charles. That is what I did, it was $500.00 3 months ago. I just confirmed that a pair of the XA-50 mono blocks are on their way and since the synergy between the older X-A1 and the X-A50's is already estasblished I will stick with the X-A1 for now. I guess that I just have that "boy I wish I would have waited and got that one" syndrome. Hearing that the X-A2 is warmer is intersting though. I will consider it for a bedroom system (along with the Audio Refinement) if I shy away from tubes. It sure would simplify the speaker selection. Thanks.
The Audio Refinement Complete is an amazingly musical, yet forgivingly smooth integrated for an inexpensive system. I demoed it extensively against NAD and ACURUS ($1600), and could not believe how much better it sounded. I eventually selected PASS gear for my ref system because of higher resolution, transparency and holography, but I remain utterly respectful of what that little ARC can do for an $800 street price (with remote!), and will probably get one for a no-muss/no-fuss bedroom system. Enjoy the music. Ernie
The Audio Refinement Complete..Check it out...about 600 for a used one on Audiogon