Best Intergrated Amp for JMR Twin Sigs under $500?

Any suggestions for a used integrated amp that will match well with JM Reynaud Twin Signature speakers (91dB/1W1m,4 ohms)?

I feel like maybe my current setup is not realizing their full potential.

Ive tried (in order of preference):
1. Cyrus 2 integrated
2. ASL Wave 8s
3. B&K ST-140

Power amps were used with preamp section of Advent 300 or NAD 3020.

Budget is $500, room is small, listen at low to mid volume.

It's worth waiting and saving to bump up your budget a bit. Those speakers can do justice to a much better amp than those you list, and their strength is in the mids. I would look for a used tube amp. If you were lucky you'd find an Audio Space AS-3i ( about $1500 new ) but they are very rare indeed on the used market. The Rogue Cronus would be another in the same range but with a different sound. You might think of Jolida, at a lower price, if you can't find the others.
Thanks. I could stretch to $1k. I've heard good things about the brands you mention.

I wonder if the Miniwatt N3 that everyone is raving about would work?

I've also read good things about Cayin and Vista Audio.
Exposure 2010S. Bit over your budget, but a very nice piece. The Cyrus and ASL will work well also.
Look for a good used tube int amp. I should make those Twins sing.
I've owned the Wave 8s in the past and I thought they were mediocre at best. The Cayin TA-30 is a nice little integrated amp and you should be able to find one in your price range. If you want to go solid state, the Musical Fidelity A1 (the newer 30w A1, not the old 20w A1) is a really nice full featured integrated that has phono section and a built in USB DAC.

Thanks for all the replies.

I have to agree about the Wave 8s, they don't live up to all the hype (some years ago). But I haven't upgraded the output caps to Auricaps as many suggested, maybe that makes a big difference.
I ended up getting a Musical Paradise MP-301 for $200 plus shipping and it sounds wonderful with the Twins.
Used tube integrateds:
Onix Melody SP3 (38wpc) ~$500-900
Primaluna Prologue One (35wpc) ~$700
Primaluna Prologue Two (40wpc) ~$900
Raysonic SP-120 KT-88 (50wpc) ~$800
Antique Sound Lab AQ 1001 DT KT-88 (50wpc) $450
Opera Consonance M100 signature (50wpc) $675

If it was me, though, I'd say up a few more pennies and probably go for a Manley Stingray (40wpc UL, 20 Triode)at ~$1,100. I just think their products are made to last and deliver performance.

In the Solid State camp:
YBA YA 201 (100wpc) $950(Canada) $950(USA) - YBA and Reynaud are a match made in heaven
Plinius 8150 (150wpc) $875