Best Interface Between Vibraplane and Maple Board

Does anyone have any ideas as to the best interface between a Vibraplane's stainless steel platform and a solid Maple board 2" thick mounted atop that platform? Steve Klein at "Sounds of Silence" says EAR constrained layer damping material, but isn't sure of the type/model #. Any specific recommendations? Anyone suggest something other than EAR stuff? Why? Again, specifics and an explanation, please! Thanks in advance to all you super-genius Audiogoners! Your experience and opinions are welcomed and appreciated!
Funny, I'm actually waiting on UPS to deliver some Isodamp today. I bought it from Michael Percy at and he was helpful suggesting which size(thickness) to get etc. The model is C-1002. I'm going to give it a shot between the steel plate on my vibraplane and the 1" aluminum plate I use to rest my TT on. In this case, he suggested the .250 inch sheets. I'll report back after I've got it set up.
I would try the EAR material as Steve Klein suggests, because he distributes the Vibraplane and probably has as much experience with it as anyone. If you don't know of a source for it, you might ask him. You probably want just a thin sheet (a few mils) of EAR with maybe a thin layer of some other material (aluminum?) on top of the EAR (which is usually bright blue sticky stuff) to damp the ringing of the stainless steel but not suck the life out of the music.