best interconnects sub 100

everyone on audiogon knows i am a student and i am poor that it hurts.....anyway I need a good interconnect from my technics DVD-a-10 to my morrison ELAD ACAP (you guessed it, as cheap as possible)
Kimber PBJ
For used look for a pair of Nordost Blue Heaven. I also highly recommend cables made by Stu Wein in Florida. He use to make the high end digital cable that came standard with Wadia DACs. The brand name is MAS (Music and Sound). His Silver "Grey" cable is around $75 a pair and will compare favorably with the Blue Heaven. (I have a couple pairs). Stu can be found a or 561-642-4103 Stu also makes some nice power cords.
Used Audioquest Emerald or Opal.
Cheap is subjective. You can get good and cheap at Radio Shack. What is your budget? There are alot of stores off-loading their old Audioquest (Topaz, Jade, etc) at about 40% off retail if you call around. There is also a DIY guy on Ebay who sells good cables anywhere from $30.00 for PBJ look/perform alikes to $80.00 for look/perform alikes Heros'. If you go to Ebay search on Cableplex. I have 4 of his PCs. At $50.00 per, you can't beat 'em.
Happy hunting!
I've had good luck in my younger years with Kimber Hero, depening how short you need them to be it may be an option. Good luck!
Music Metre is sold/auctioned on this site for around your price. I replaced my PBJs and Tributaries Silvers with the M.M. Silvers and was stunned by the difference.
I have enjoyed cables made by Kimber and Cardas. Sometimes their midline cables are available in your price range on Audiogon. If you can keep the distance between components short then 1/2 meter cables are great ways to stretch your cable budget to include highline offerings. Good luck.
Pick up some Belden 89248 & 89259 along with the RCA's of your choice. Then follow the directions on Jon Risch's website as to what to do. If you do your homework and shop around, you can build a KILLER 1 meter stereo interconnect for about $30. This cable will absolutely demolish "commercial" cables that cost hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. Sean

PS Just say "NO" to the "corporate wire bandits"
go to ebay, search for "cableplex" . I tested the connect 1 against the kimber hero and they smoked the Kimbers! for a fraction of the price. IF you want Real Performance try the Cableplex Nirvana it is @ 80/meter and bested a pair of $400 Straightwires in my tests. This is no line of Bull.... I have my entire system done in the Nirvanas now, and am very happy.
From the King of Bargains: Phoenix Gold by Carver Pro. Best interconnect dollar for dollar...Quest for Sound has them.