Best Interconnects from DAC to Integrated-under 300 used

Looking for the best bang for my buck interconnects-from my Cambridge Azur 851-D to my Parasound Halo Integrated. Would like to keep it under 300/used or new. Also I have the ability to use balanced if I want. I have never used balanced this is an option also.

Thanks in advance to all suggestions and reply's.
Spend a little more and look at Clear Day Cable balanced. Great cable with very nice XLR's. Use one to feed my CA 851C to my preamp. Paul will send you one at no cost to evaluate first. 
Rega Couple Interconnect Neutrik XLR......(used if possible )
for the money, .... highly recommended 
acoustic zen silver reference2 saw a balance pair here lately for 300bks .great cable for that money use retail was like 800

Have recently purchased a few pairs of Aural Thrills Audio 99.9% pure silver Litz wired interconnects new from them off of their add on Audiogon and really like them a lot and have replaced some much more expensive cables in my system with them, one being my dac to preamp.
What are you using now and what are you looking to improve upon with the new interconnect?  Best bang for the buck doesn't really give us anything to go on. 

Cerious, Discovery
I'm currently using Discovery +4.  Looking for musical yet detailed...but aren't we all.