Best interconnects for Velodyne DD series

Athough frequency spektra is narrow for a sub I´m sure there
are better and worse IC:s., questions is how much.
Is silver better than copper considering reproduction of signals origin.
What about overtones (although less distinguishable than midrange), how much impact on soundstage, details etc. (not talking about placement of sub).
Anyone with experience I´d really apreciate your thoughts.

Many Thanks!
I took a pair of shielded RCA cables I got from RAdio Shack and used them. They work well.

The power cord you replace the stock one with will make a bigger diff.... or at least it did on my DD15.
i got an inexpensive set of used kimber hero's for my DD12. sounded tighter and cleaner then the 6 year old monster ic i was temporarily using.

on the flip side....i tried a nicer set of kimber's a friend let me borrow (forget the model# but they were 4x the cost of the hero's). i couldn't tell any difference what so ever.

also tried a sub specific ic (audioquest sub-3)and again noticed no difference.

i think any decent cable will work fine. no need to spend alot for a sub ic imo.

btw...take the time to set-up your DD sub right (if you already haven't done so). incredible level of fine tuning that when taken advantage of, can sounds fantastic. takes alot of time but it's well worth it.
I have DD12 and am using an XLO VDO ER-2 with single input and "Y" on the output since the DD12 has R and L inputs.
I don't belive that this cable is made any more but I am sure you can find a comparable if not better in their product line. They can "Y" any cable they make. I tried Wireworld, Syergistic, AQ and tara when I bought this and it was by far the most noticible in bringing out Bass definition.
Thanks Guys!
From your response Truth Link from Harmonic Tech will propably be sufficient.
I thought (in writing this thread)
a particular "sub-ic" might exist that would improve.

Many Thanks!
FWIW, for years I have run various subs I owned with various interconnects. The past couple years I used the Blue Jeans LC1's which are good low capacitance (and low cost) sub cables. For the first time, I disconnected the Blue Jeans and took some old speaker cables I had never used and connected them from the speaker terminals on my amp to the speaker level inputs on the subs. What I hear now is deeper and better bass than I heard from these subs before, better integration too.
I did a fair amount of research and in the past I have alwas used audioquest's top of the line silver cable. This time I got 2 f113 and needed to get xlr sub cables decided to try Blue Jeans cables. So far so good. Not sure silver really helps with a sub.

The above the kimber hero is not shileded or the right cable I would not use that in my experance sub cables do make a difference to a point, not nearly as much as other cables. Also you have to have a SUB cable they are constructed with a shield to avoid humm and generally are alot tigher sounding then if you used something else.
I use a set of sub cables made specifically for that purpose by Synergistic Research and they are excellent. Tighter, faster, deeper, more accurate and also more musical than a variety of other sub cords I tried. Synergy is obviously critical here and its whatever you like in your system. Cost is rarely an indicator of synergy, as the posts above illustrate.
Hi Fplanner!
I´ve been thinking about Synergistic Research Resolution Reference IC:s. There´s one cable for sale, but will it do for Velodyne DD10 where you have L/R inputs and one balanced.
On their homepage Subwoofer Tesla series I noticed Y-connection on one side but not on the other side.
Why is that?
Surely they must have an e-mail adress, can´t find it.

Appreciate opinions & advice!

Many Thanks!
I needed 2 cables for my setup and my guess is that you probably do as well, but I would make 2 calls.

First 1 to Velodyne - there is a tech guy in Arizona that is very good. Depending on what he says after you describe your setup and what you are trying to achieve, if you DO need a 2nd cable, I would call either Ted or Elliott at Synergistic. All three of these are good guys and will be happy to help you solve your situation.
If you're thinking of expensive ICs then go the distance and replace the stock internal speaker wire between the plate amp and the woofer. For my DD-15 I used a DIY silver litz braid, but any high-quality speaker wire will be an improvement. Replace the cheap connectors on the plate amp with directly soldered connections. Also, if you have a balanced preamp and a long cable run you can try a LF Jensen Isomax transformer at the sub for XLR/RCA conversion and galvanic isolation. Finally, if you're handy, for a big improvement replace the 4-pin rectifier bridge on the plate amp with a bridge made of Cree Schottky SiC diodes.
Hi Dgarretson!
I´ve already followed the advice on sub You gave a while back changing rectifier/internal cable. It was improvement with better distinct bas. But there might be a "missing link" between pre and sub. Maybe exaggerating but I´m willing to give it a try.
(Glad to hear that you´re happy with Dueluns resistors for your Merlins)

Many thanks for all advice.

Happy Listening!
Clabe, Woops, I had forgotten. I guess it's time for me to try some fresh ideas rather than recycle. Thanks for recommending those Duelund resistors!
Hi friends!
I´ve just tested my Velodyne DD10 with Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II. I noticed a more fleshy/pronounced and distinct bass from 50 Hz and downwards compared to my previous copper cables, Truth Link among others. I believe silver can improve bass response. On the other hand I´m shure some copper cables will improve over others and even silver ones, it all depends on design/quality and of course price. In general terms my opinion is that conductivity for lower bass frequency is improved with silver.
If You have a high quality system try for yourself, might be surprised.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year/Ear!